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12th part

Now a little bit of history.
1933 Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany.
1934 extension of the German army.
1935 Germany negotiates a naval agreement with England.
1936 Germany introduces troops into the demilitarized zone in the Rhineland.
The Spanish civil war began and Hitler sent troops in support of general Franco. Spain serves as the test lab for the German army.
Alliance between Berlin and Rome called "Shaft."
1937 bombing of Guernica, Spain.
Meeting between Hitler and the Japanese Emperor Hiroito.

It strikes me the years 1936 and 1937 to locate Final Story because they are decisive years preparing Europe for the second world war. And if we take into account that occurs in bombing of Guernica in 1937 and Hitler meets with Japanese Emperor Hiroito, this can be significant if we consider that Misuki is Japanese.

The problem of chronology

Bequi blog history breaks out from the end of 1915 with the separation of Candy and Terry. At first glance I also thought that it should be the chronology in this date for this event, but the issue is that not. The separation of Candy and Terry actually would be in 1914 will explain why.

It is very important that the people who read these comments had on his side sleeve (even the anime works for this calculation) that will contrast with my explanations.
Seems strange to think that Candy that was in 1913 London perhaps late fall to undertake a career as a nurse in 1914 and attain graduating that same year and at the same time manage to see Terry in Chicago once again in New York, Stear you are war and Albert lost memory all that in a single year but in reality yes thus occurs in any case at least in the manga.

This matter raises a huge problem of temporality, because we know that Candy writes a letter to Archie at the end of the first World War (1919) and from Christmas of 1918 and early 1919 doing renovations at the home of Pony and creates happy clinic, where Candy will work together with doctor Martin.

Both in the manga and anime all this takes place in a single year 1914. Let's see.
Candy San Pablo escapes from the school in the autumn of 1913.
In November 1913 Candy arrives at the home of Pony and is aware that Terry was there.
Candy remains the home of Pony from November 1913 until February 1914.
March 914 Candy enters as a fellow to the school of Mary Jean and then moved to Chicago in April.
In May 1914, Stear, Archie and Annie returns from London.
In the summer of 1914 Terry is presented with the Stratford company in Chicago to represent in King Lear.
In August 1914, Albert appears amnesiac.
In August, Patty comes to North America.
At the end of September 1914 Candy passed its review of nursing and goes to live with Albert in the apartment Magnolia.
In September 1914, Terry is selected to represent Romeo and begin trials.
In November 1914 Stear decides to go to war.
At the end of November 1914 Candy part to New York to meet with Terry, but due to the accident of Susana have to separate.
In 1914, Albert has an accident and is taken to the merry clinic of doctor Martin.

I think that for this chronology represents a problem, since everything is compressed in only a year, and also that if you use this date of take-off will not match the dates that is offered in the correspondence of Candy end Story.
The far-fetched idea that Candy could make a career of nursing in only a few months must say that this could be possible as for the epoch in which it makes its studies the nursing does not exist as regulated career and bases of nursing were something quite incipient. In fact the only thing that you needed to be nurse at that time was a good layout, not have nerves and have a minimum knowledge of hygiene. Sick it at that time was in fact a midwife.
Another aspect of importance is that this time the sick were socially bad views.
It was with the first world war and especially with the second nursing evolves and becomes a real specialization.

Now in the manga and in the anime, they give us an important fact to split time. When Franny offers to go to France as a military nurse we are told that for Italy already have sent five nurses of the hospital San Juana. This information they say both in the anime and in the manga. It is an important fact because in fact Italy comes to take part in the war with the allies in May 1915 mean it when Franny goes it should be between July and August 1915 when Italy attacked the Empire Austrohungaro. This will be my proposal then, Candy worked and studied between summer of 1914 and graduated in the fall of 1915.

Even if you try to do two chronologies using as the date of separation between Candy and Terry 1914 and again in 1915 I could not relate the events when I try the chronology made in 1914.
A part referred to as I said before that already have been sent nurses to the Italian front when Mary Jane announces that a volunteer must submit to go to France. Italy does not at war with the Empire AustroHungaro and Germany until May 23, 1915. Therefore the request of Mary Jane of a voluntary nurse should take place in the summer of 1915 and the separation of Candy and Terry must occur in the same year. In fact we must remember that Albert loses the memory on a train from Italy. Therefore this country must be at war when this happens. I was that Franny was sent to France, but also mentioned the nurses sent to Italy.
On the other hand Stear death should occur in the fall/winter of 1916.
Archie also writes a letter to Candy after the death of Stear. In this letter he mentions a strategic data to understand the chronology of the novel when he says that it does not understand because Alistear went to war when the United States still had not taken part in it. This means that your letter has to be written at least in May because United States declares war on the Central Empires in April 1917.
If Stear died in 1915 as it arises in a timeline that begins with the separation of Candy and Terry in 1914, the letter from Archie to Candy in 1917 two years later would be excessively melancholy and would not be consistent in time. The letter from Archie gives the impression that the tragedy of Stear is very recent. Only they should have spent a few months of his death when Archie writes this letter to Candy. Pp. 220-222.
Now the letter from Patty candy pp. 226-228 where we talk about death Stear should also be in 1917 because it speaks that United States entered the war. This takes place in April. Also mentioned that Candy is already working with doctor Martin and Patty asks if Candy is safe to work with an alcoholic (preparation of the meeting of Candy with an alcoholic Terry at Rockstown) this also means that the accident in which Albert recovers memory had to have occurred months earlier and that Candy has of course been dismissed from hospital San Juana and who lives with Albert in the apartment Magnolia. In this letter Patty suggests cooking a chicken for Candy at the next meeting with friends. It seems then that this letter could be written in the summer of 1917 with the information that gives us a Patty.
Now the letter from Annie pag 230-233, is back because it has been visited by Patty, she has prepared him homemade chicken candy. In this letter Annie speaks of a rainy climate, so surely it must be autumn. It also informs us that Albert seems to continue to live in the apartment Magnolia with Candy, then this letter is apparently written in the autumn of 1917.
Curiously Candy Archie letter after the first World War (November 1918) helps us to locate previous events with this date Alistear history closes with the memorial that will be in their name (maybe in December) in Lakewood. So to be able to events occurring up to 1919 match this date it is necessary that the departure date of the events that we are in 1915: Amnesia of Albert and separation of Candy and Terry Stear game.

On the other hand, if you look at the correspondence of Albert with Candy you can't believe that each letter corresponds to a previous answer and that those cards are one after another. That would be impossible because the cards speak to us a completely different temporality.
For example the first four cards, the letter from Candy to Albert, Albert candy letter and invitation of Albert to Chicago and its history on how I get to the home of Pony the letter of acceptance from Candy to Chicago has to occur within a period of three months more or less, and this correspondence should go until the beginning of May 1919.
Then the letter from Candy to Albert for birthday gifts was in 1919 and the ride that made with Albert in Lakewood was years later if we take into account that he must first occur the commitment of Annie with Archie.

Other aspects of importance to establish are Candy Eleonor Baker letter and the letter from Candy to Terry that she never sends.
Eleonor Baker invitation for Candy go to see Hamlet must be a part in the summer before the start the functions of autumn. This detail anticipates us a time. On the other hand that invitation had come three years later as minimum of meeting them in the city of Rockstown outside in late 1917 or early 1918. To recover and win the confidence of the Group Stratford Terry will again restart a whole process of re-adaptation to the theatre taking minor roles to again earn his position as a real star of Broadway and become a Hamlet.
The letter from Candy to Terry that does not send due write it as at least two years after the presentation of Hamlet because Terry made two "long run" or two "long-running" which are pieces of theatre longer due to the commercial and critical success have. The term "Long-running designates the most extensive seasons of theatre and is used since the end of the 19th century.
From 1930 the normal seasons begin in spring and end in spring of the following year with the Tony Awards.
A work such as making large "long run" is "Phantom of the opera" that has been continuously for many years.

Possible chronology

Below I present the chronology that I think could be quite close to the Misuki. However, this periodization can be susceptible to change based on my reading and understanding of the correspondence. In this temporality I propose 1915 as the date of separation between Candy and Terry.

April Candy arrives at the Leagan House
May. Candy meets Albert and Anthony gives the sweet Candy.
Summer. Candy is taken to Mexico and rescued by George and is adopted by Uncle grandfather William Andley
End of autumn. Anthony's 15 years dies.
Winter. Return to the home of Pony.

In the new year Candy meet in the ship Mauritania Terry way to London
May: festival and first kiss Candy.
Summer in Scotland with Terry and his friends.
Autumn: Eliza trap. Terry has to leave the school to save Candy.
Winter: Candy leaves St. Paul College and part to North America. It tries to catch up with Terry but fails.
Candy part of London to the United States as a COP.
Still winter Candy arrives at the home of Pony and discovers that Terry has been there. Again try to find it but this has already started.

Letter from Candy to the sister Grey pp. 179
Letter to Mr Carson pp. 153-156
Letter from George to Candy. pp. 165
Letter from Candy capital Niven pags.166-168
Candy goes to the school of Mary Jane.
Letter from Candy to Lord Jaskin. Pp. 159-163.
Letter of Cookie to Candy. Pp. 169-170.
Summer: the first world war broke out.
Letter from Candy to Sam, Jeff and Susie p. 171-172
Letter from Archie and Stear to Candy. pp. 176-178
Late summer: Archie, Stear and Annie leave London.
Letter from Candy to Terry. Pp. 174-175. He informs you that he is studying to be a nurse.
Candy takes care of Mr MacGregor. He dies.
Candy is transferred to the Santa Juana de Chicago hospital.
Candy writes a letter to Mary Jane. PAGs.180-183

Annie wrote a little note to Candy. It sends you a clipping about Terry tour with the Stratford company. P. 184
Terry is presented with the Stratford group in Chicago. Presentation of "King Lear". Candy sees acting Terry in Chicago
June Franny goes to France as a military nurse. Italy enters the war with Austria.
Summer: Albert is transferred from Italy to the hospital Santa Juana.
Letter from Patty to Candy. Pp. 192-193.
Candy is graduated as a nurse.
Candy letter Dr. Frank Campbell. Pp. 194-195. Candy has already graduated as a nurse and ask advice to treat the loss of memory of Albert.
Terry Gets the role of Romeo.
Autumn Candy moved to live with Albert in the apartment Magnolia.
Late autumn Terry sends only a ticket of ida so that Candy is left with him in New York.
Susan has an accident during rehearsals of Romeo and Juliet and loses a leg to save Terry.
End of November? Candy goes to meet Terry in New York. Stear says goodbye to Candy at the train station as part as a volunteer soldier to fight with the French army.
Finally Candy and Terry look but are forced to separate due to the accident of Susana.
Candy returns to New York sick and given account Stear has gone to war as a volunteer.

Sussana letter to Candy. P. 281
Candy is fired from the hospital San Juana.
Candy takes care of Albert that he recovers his memory
Albert Candy supports and cares for it so that it recovers its sad.
Albert has a traffic accident.
Candy begins to work at the clinic doctor Martin happy.
Winter? Stear dies in the war.
Terry begins to have bad reputation and his performance declines.

January?Archie writes a letter to Candy. Pp. 220-222. US has not yet participated in the war.
February U.S. breaks diplomatic relations with Germany.
Letter from the superior officer of Alistear candy. Pp. 223-225. On the death of Stair.
Letter from Patty to Candy. Pp. 226-228. Referred to the possible involvement of America in the great war.
Annie writes a letter to Candy on his separation with Terry. Pp. 230-233. It is known that the letter is written after the death of Stear because she mentions it. This letter is further to the letter from Patty since meeting friends proposed by Patty candy has occurred.
Retrospection of Candy on the scene of separation with Terry. Pp. 234-237.
April United States declares war on the Central Empires.
In summer, Neil invites go out Candy and it rejects it.
Albert no longer can keep next to Candy because it has recovered memory and part of the apartment Magnolia.
Winter Candy feels very sad, lonely and worried by what is search Albert without result. Finally Albert sends a packet from the city of Rockstown so Candy decides to go look for it there.
January and February? Candy is a Terry Rockstown city acting at a drunk farm theatre. Candy spoke with Eleonor Baker.

January and February? Candy is a Terry Rockstown city acting in a completely drunken rural theater and feels very sad. Candy spoke with Eleonor Baker.
The Leagan family wants to force Candy to marry Neil since this has been infatuated with her.
George tells Candy that you can locate the uncle in Lakewood.
End of spring: from Candy and Neil engagement party.
Albert comes before his family and the society of Chicago as Uncle grandfather William Andley and prevents the commitment of Candy
Candy moved to the home of Pony and is aware that Terry has returned to Broadway.
Albert takes possession of their business as William Andley.
November. The first world war is over.
Stear Memorial in Lakewood
Letter from Candy to Vincent Brown. Pp. 251-252
Prepare the remodeling of the home of Pony at the suggestion of Uncle William.
Winter: Letter from Candy to doctor Martin. Pp. 246-248. These cards are for Christmas.
Letter from Candy to doctor Martin. pp. 249-250. Christmas.
Doctor Martin accepts help Candy on the new Merry clinic.
Archie decides to do a PhD at the University of Massachusetts.

Pony's home remodeling
Letter from Candy to her former neighbor of Magnolia in Chicago Madam Gloria apartment pp. 253-254. Refers to the "Chicago Express News" as the medium in which revealed the identity of Albert society of Chicago.
Candy cultivated Sweet Candy at home of Pony
February? Letter from Candy to Archie. Speaks of the Remodeling Home of Pony. The war is over, but the political situation remains unstable. Pp. 256-259.
Letter from Candy to the aunt Elroy. P. 255.
February? Albert is presented to Candy as the Prince of the Hill.
March letter from Candy to Albert p. 286-287
Letter from Albert to Candy pp. 288-290
April letter from Candy to Albert pp. 291-295
Letter from Albert to Candy pp. 296-304 Albert asks Candy to hold his birthday in Chicago and tells you how I get this time Hill Pony when Candy was 6 years old.
Letter from Candy to Albert. p. 305 acceptance of invitation to make his birthday in Chicago
May: birthday party Candy with everyone in the home of Pony and his friends.
End of May. Candy sends a letter of thanks for the gifts. pp. 306-309 Albert gift him the horse Cesar and Cleopatra.
Summer Candy attends the opening of the resort in Miami Leagan family.
Letter from Candy to George. Pp. 208-214.
Letter from Candy to Sara Leagan. Pp. 200.
Letter from Candy to Stewart. Pp. 201-202
Letter from Candy to Mary. Pp. 203-204.
Letter from Candy to Mr Whitman pp. 205-207. It must be the last card because it just gets your address thanks to Mary. It must also be close to the visit of Candy to Lakewood.
Late summer: letter from Albert to Candy. p. 310 Albert part to Sao Paulo. It is a short note.
October? Letter from Albert to Candy. pp. 311-315. This explains to Candy when I recover the memory.
November? Letter from Candy to Albert. p. 316. It is a short note.
Annie and Archie wished to engage but starts a staunch opposition in the Andley family and course Eliza and Neil conspire to destroy that commitment.

March? Candy writes a letter to the grandmother aunt Elroy asking that it reconsider its position on Annie and Archie and let them engage. Pp. 260-263.
April? Finally the uncle William convinces family Andley that accept the compromise.
Letter from Candy to Stear. Candy has a letter in mind for Anthony from this moment. pp. 264-267.
Spring: commitment to Archie and Annie in Lakewood.

Spring? Annie and Archie's marriage.
July/August meeting of Candy and Albert in Lakewood. It must be in one of these months because Cranberries are at their zenith during these months.
Albert returns the daily candy.
August: last letter from Candy to Albert pp. 317-322.
August: Eleanor Baker letter and invitation to the Hamlet of Terry. P. 270 ticket entry. It has to be before the start of the season. At least a year and a half of touring.
Candy writes a letter and rejects the invitation of Eleonor Baker pp. 271-273
Letter from Candy Anthony after her visit to Lakewood pp. 324-328.
Autumn: Terry as Hamlet
Terry as Hamlet
Candy writes a letter to Terry but does not send it
Do Susana dies that same winter? Obituary p. 281
1924? Letter from Terry "I have not changed anything" p. 283.
1925?Letter from Terry. "I have not changed anything." p. 283.
Candy moved with Terry to England.
Candy recalls his past on a spring day.
From 1936-1939 began the Spanish civil war, considered by historians to be the miniature version of the second world war. Since 1936 the ground was preparing for the second world war.


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