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Albert and the invisible threads (9th part)

If we consider the plot of the story the invisible threads between Candy and Albert are summarized in events that speak of Albert as its protector not as a lover.
With Albert, Candy participated in three different threads. Like Uncle, like the Prince of the Hill and as Mr Albert. Wires are attached and get rid once Albert identities are revealed to Candy.
The invisible threads between them make reference to the family nature of their union. Love Pacific Albert.
If you remember the story of Candy know that before the encounter with the Prince of the Hill, she says "I also want a MOM and a dad" (read the manga) and then appears to the Prince of the Hill. Candice asked the desire of a father and the Prince appears like magic to then become his adopted father Uncle grandfather William. The role of Albert is defined at this point, the protective brother and father of Candy and I do not say it here on a whim, the vision of the Prince of the Hill is associated with the desire of a father by Candy. The role of Albert is defined from the beginning of the story.
When Candy needed a friend then he finds Albert saves from drowning in the waterfall. Then become a parent to adopt it, then will be a friend in London, then you meet with her in Chicago as a brother and subsequently becomes father. The Prince of the hill that came in the midst of the cries of Candy when it asked for a father will appear years later to reveal that in fact his father.

Finally, I would like to refer to the issue of the invisible threads. It is a double-edged weapon to defend Albert. You can promote it; but you can undermine it as a lover. The thread or threads red destiny although they allude to lovers is that they are also associated with true friendship and also allude to the adoptive child relationship / father/mother in Asia. That coincidence that Albert is the adoptive father of Candy isn't them? The legend of the red wires begins in China instead of Japan, then the nipponese fitted under his own view the different legends around the threads of fate.
Point based threads legend red reads as follows

"Account the tradition Chinese that all people destined to be together are linked forever by a red thread, a thread that stretches and shrinks, but that never breaks"

Now the fragment of Candy on the threads with Albert:

"Albert-san..." At the time I didn't even know his full name. Albert-San was Albert-san and I could not embrace no doubt on it. A mere existence of Albert-san made me feel inexplicably safe. Only now I understand that we have been connected by invisible threads." Vol. II. P. 197.

This does not alludes specifically to lovers. This phrase applies equally and with the same efficiency for the family and real friends. In the West we call it family ties for example.
In Asia, specifically in China the reuse of the legends of the invisible threads to assimilate the adoption of a child is very common. For them the spiritual Association is essential to assume and accept an adoption, so it used the idea that the invisible threads have always existed between the adoptive father / adoptive mother and the child, meaning that although they are not bound by blood are linked by fate.

The link between Candy and Albert representing through invisible wires and that is the main argument used by the people who think that Albert is anohito is a settled and dismissed with the postcard of Susie Candy and subsequent reflection of Candy which she reads as follows:

"It gives me pleasure to reread this post card and I can imagine the smiling face of the Susy.
Bright ties of friendship unite people in this world. It is true." Vol. II. Pp. 151-152.

This reflection of how Candy continuous contact Sussie after so many years, if we recall that the first time that she just Sussie in 1913 the girl has 3 years, refers to the opportunity to always meet people who are destined to be United by a bond or bonds invisible friendship that guide them as it has always happened between Candy and Albert throughout history.
The generalization of Candy on the threads through his musings on Susie is conclusive evidence that Albert and Candy are bound by these same threads of shining friendship between candy equally with Susie.
Is why Albert as anohito theories must be discarded alone (I call them dead-ends) therefore in less likely places from the novel, Misuki leaves us responses to undermine any possibility that this character may be the Candy lover.
In short, the theory of the invisible threads refers to connections that holds Candy with people that share a friendship and union deep throughout his life. Using this formula to refer not only to Albert but to a person of the same gender (Susie) generalizes the thread for other characters of the novel and is thus strongly ruled out that Albert may be anohito.

The box of the happiness of Stear and its symbolism

"The letters of Terry Pack. And everything about Terry plays, with good reviews and harsh criticism, press clippings. All of this is enclosed. "And with them, the small and beautiful music box..." Vol. II, page 197

"I took the thickness of the jeweler envelope. There were cuts in it. Since then, I've been taking these cuts everywhere for a long time. They are quite old. However, I still have a very clear image of the perky figure of Terry in my mind." Vol II. pp. 186-188.

Terry press clippings are next to the box of happiness.
This attachment of the novel is very important to give an identity to anohito. We therefore know that the happiness box is arranged by anohito.
At first glance can tell what Albert if we take into account that in the manga the arranged boat Stear Swan in Lakewood times and also as inveterate traveler you should have learned many things for their survival and their independence.
But on the other hand, we have the hands of Terry who in the manga are praised by Stear. Alistear in fact invites you to make inventions together, when Terry comes to say goodbye to as part of the school St. Paul to protect Candy. In the novel Candy speaks also of great skill of Terry to play the piano and that is very dexterous for bonfires.
At this rate Albert; would win the fight but the problem lies in the symbolism of the happiness box.

The happiness box was a gift from Stear candy until she split to New York to meet with Terry and is a symbol of happiness in the life of Candy. It is intimately connected with Terry as the happiness of Candy.
But the happiness box breaks after the separation of Candy and Terry. The box represents the painful breakdown of these two characters. That box does not sound more it is to be seen as the consequence of the separation and the emotional depth of this event. Broken music box represents the broken heart of Candy and is for this reason that only Terry can repair the music box.
Anohito arranges music box but the box repair being Terry anohito has a meaning more momentous and profound than mere repair, broken music box is the symbol of a heart, the heart of Candy. Saying that anohito/Terry repair with ease the box is referring to the healing of old wounds of Candy. The arrangement of the happiness box represents the beginning of a new path full of joy and hope for Candy.
Here is not the skill who can fix a Stear invention by the author, no, it is an invitation to read in depth and find the symbolism of objects and broken music box represents the pain triggered by the rupture of Candy with Terry. This type of symbols of love and pain as elaborated by the author indicate that actually history was always intended for that out of this shape. It is a constant reformulation of the love between these two characters.

Anthony versus Terry

In the retrospecciones of Candy Anthony figure is always present. Anthony is the memory of the first love of Candy. The intensity of his feeling toward Anthony is so strong that it with more than thirty years continues thinking in a melancholic tone about it. But Anthony is also the representation of death in the novel. The death which prevents the reunion.

If we remember the manga and the anime we see that there is a clear rivalry between Anthony (although this is dead) and Terry that feels constantly insecure since Candy constantly compares it to Anthony. In the novel this rivalry is maintained and is constant.
Terry wants to start candy that emotion so intense that he feels for Anthony, from there that kiss her forcibly and mount it on a horse so that this make of that Anthony can no longer respond to his love. "But if I can." That is the message from Terry in that scene.

Watch carefully. This is the may forest... everything is reviving "."
"Forget it, Candy..."

The letter that Candy writes Anthony shows a sense of guilt on his part due to the intensity and the devotion of the feelings developed towards Terry. Candy feels that somehow betrays the memory of Anthony.

"If only Anthony had not died. So many times I thought about that.
All we would have been in Lakewood and we would have never gone to England to study.
But, if we had not gone to England, it had not met Terry.
"Maybe it was Anthony who helped so I met Terry... what I thought many times." Voll p. 268.

The game of contrasts between these two characters is manifested in history that we raise Misuki. Both Anthony and Terry are going to find in a position where they must defend a Candy from the traps of Eliza.
Impotent Anthony pleads with the great aunt in vain and will then send a letter to Uncle grandfather William requesting the adoption of Candy. But unable to do more, Anthony stays in Lakewood. There is a kind of passivity in Anthony here.
Meanwhile Terry, to know that Candy is expelled decides risking their own comfort and lifestyle to leave the College San Pablo and his noble surname Grantchester to find their own way.
We must remember that these two situations Archie confronted the two characters. You tell Anthony that Candy is going to die from the harsh conditions of work in Mexico in the midst of their despair and Terry will tell you that if Candy is expelled from the College San Pablo will be disowned by Uncle grandfather William and therefore canceled adoption.

Given the magnitude of affection by Terry sample leaving his surname and the College St. Paul to protect Candy, this is adventure in your search going to North America as a COP.

Let's take a look at some of the scenes of rivalry between Anthony and Terry:

"We are alive... "Terry and I..."
It was a sudden awareness, as if Candy was pushed with an acute sense.
"A dead man won't ever." he repeated the cry of Terry.
(Anthony...) I knew it... I know...)
She saw Anthony nodding beyond the light.
-You're right, Candy. I can never return to you... It's okay to forget me...
"Candy saw Anthony dissolve into light smiling." Vol II. 25-32

"If only Anthony had not died. So many times I thought about that.
All we would have been in Lakewood and we would have never gone to England to study.
But, if we had not gone to England, it had not met Terry.
"Maybe it was Anthony who helped so I met Terry... what I thought many times." Vol II pp. 268-27.

This type of relationship of rivalry is not developed in the plot with Albert because he is a character that a part is always with Candy when she needs it and also the problems of Albert has to do with his character and how he wants to deal with the world not with a relationship of rivalry around the love of Candy. It tells us that find Candy as Prince of the Hill in its discussion of how he should build his life to the enormous weight of his responsibility as Chief of the Andley.

Candy versus Terry

Build a character that would be charismatic enough as Candy implied that this character should suffer and unpleasant experiences such as those experienced by Candy throughout his life. In many ways, Terry lived as traumatic as Candy events.

Similarities of Candy and Terry - Anthony - Terry

Candy is an orphan - Terry is a bastard son

Candy suffered a terrible psychological and physical abuse as the Leagan - Terry maid suffered psychological abuse and child rejection. Her stepmother hated him.

Candy is saved from dying drowned out by Albert - Terry is saved from death stabbed by criminals by Albert

About the trap of Eliza:
It occurs in the stable of the Leagan family - takes place in the stable of the St. Paul College

Anthony is away from Candy - Terry moves away from Candy to protect his honour

Archie confronts Anthony when Candy is sent to Mexico - Archie confronts Terry when Candy is ejected from St. Paul College

Eliza loves Anthony - Eliza loves Terry

Anthony dies in the autumn - Terry part of the colegio San Pablo in the autumn.

Candy passes his test to be sick the day that Terry adds to Romeo and Juliet.

Candy lives with Albert despite the compromising of the situation socially - Terry lives with Susana even though it was only committed to it.

Candy should take care of an amnesiac Albert - Terry must take care of a sick Susana

Anthony dies - Susana dies

Candy is forced to engage with Neil force - Terry must engage with a woman who doesn't love. Neither of them is married.

Misuki tells the story of separation of Candy and Terry and the life of Candy through the correspondence of Candy; but it should also tell the story of Terry because this book is a love story. I needed to then give us Terry informations without developing the character, I wanted to say everything in a Word, making ingeniously uses hamlet. Terry next to Susanna life is the life of Hamlet.


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