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Who is Anohito? (8th part)

I have brought you some of the discussed tracks, some known to many of you about the book Candy Final Story to make everyone think and choose who is anohito to proofs that the novel offers us, however I will propose here with the forcefulness of the collected information a name in particular: anohito is TERRENCE GRANDCHESTER.

While Nagita wanted to keep secret the nature of anohito, she had to make a choice since this book is a story of love, the love of Candy and anohito, at least so is referenced on Amazon Japan.

In the novel, as well as tracks that allude to Terry also we can observe some aspects within the narrative that bind certain segments of the novel with the same character.

We could say that in a very discreet and subtle, way in the monologue, Nagita already is telling us the outcome of the history of Candy. If you read the retrospection of Candy you will find the following reflection:

"It's like what Anthony had said once when the Roses fell as a snowstorm.
The dead live forever in our hearts. But we never see them again-
I had experienced many painful separations.
However, while we are alive, we can see us back again.
Is why I no longer have fear of separations." 230-235, volume 1, Chapter 2: retrospection of Candy

If you have carefully read the translations this fragment refers to two characters in particular. Us mentions Anthony as she and Terry.
If we remember the letter that Candy writes Anthony we find that there is a strong relationship between this retrospection and this letter. Candy tells us that he will never see Anthony as this is dead, she has understood it by Terry, but also talks about his separation with Terry.
Hindsight tells us the painful separations of Candy with Terry but it seems that being them alive can return to meet.
In fact the sentence of the Miss Pony that is mentioned throughout the novel not only by Candy but also by other characters (Archie) is a fully targeted message that Candy be repeated at the end of the epilogue of the novel "And tells the seƱorita Pony don't know what awaits us at the turn of the corner."
As a subliminal message will repeat this phrase throughout the novel indicating that nothing is lost between her and Terry. It is a hopeful message that Candy will retain throughout his life and who remembers and tells us in privacy. No losing hope because life itself is hoping to own.

Misuki wants us to tell a story of love and to do so she has to be honest with what you will say, with what Candy wants us to tell so she should focus on the history of Candy and Terry without having to nominate this last although during history there is a feeling of constant omnipresence of Terry and at the same time full of objects and symbols his novel to evoke it incessantly.

On the other hand, the previous fragment of the novel is impossible to assume with Albert since there has never been separations between him and Candy, among them always there was constant and incidental encounters and as said Albert about his trip to Africa "Candy among us there are no separations". Albert is always with Candy in one way or another, even with amnesia Albert found a way to meet with Candy and she was able to find Albert when they wanted to force her to engage with Neil, therefore this character will always be next to her to help her find happiness.

The tone of retrospection of Candy from the second chapter is nostalgic and invites us to find us with his memories about Terry, with a Candy involved fully in them.

"I like (master to) Terry..." Candy thought about it to the point of injury. "And perhaps Terry..." "Also to me..." Vol. II. 83-92

"and I want to say this in my most high voice,

Terruce, I love you! More than anyone"Vol. II volume II page 95-97

"I heard news of Terry. The mere news made me feel as if a bright path extends in front of my eyes." Vol II. Pp. 186-188

"Susan and I
You can not compare who most loved Terry.
"And I also"... I wanted to cry aloud these words." Pp. 234-237.

Sorry Miss Baker...
I appreciate it so much that my heart hurts." Vol. II. Pp. 268-273.

Whenever I find in my mind, my mind becomes a bittersweet (sweet and sour) ripe apricot. "I even can not breathe, as if a very gentle breeze bounced it to the Earth." Pp. 274-277

Feelings of Candy to Terry are almost suffocating and there's a lot of sadness and melancholy in the words of Candy to evoke it. This intense emotion can be seen in the letter that Candy writes Terry but does not send much time after their separation that feeling romantic and melancholic opens with a very subtle metaphor and breathes throughout the letter.

On the other hand Albert and Candy are promised to share everything, happiness and sadness, there is an affection that flows between them gently. Candy meets Albert and even though this is a bum feels that his voice is quiet and comforting her, not afraid of it. Albert inspires him with a strong sense of security and confidence. A family relationship there is a special bond, an invisible bond that binds them together. These feelings should not be confused with a romantic love, in the love of family, and gratitude are also sweet and kind words but not romance as you want to make believe the correspondence.

If we look at the relationship of Candy to anohito, is portrayed a relationship romantic, sensual. They are the characteristics of the husband who is a lover. The novel seeks to tell us about a romance in which exists the union of body and soul.
Hence making these assessments with the characteristics that we have of these characters for more than thirty years know that this type of emotions are own Candy relationship with Terrence.

Now I talk about the characteristics of Terry in the following excerpt:

"Thanks to the uncle Abuelo William, it was possible to get the land of Mr Cartwright. And the Pony House is full of orphans as usual. I'd like to be able to be more helpful to teachers, but at the moment - I do not want to let want to that, above all, by his side all the time."g. 230-235, volume 1, Chapter 2: retrospection of Candy

But as he describes Terry also us discussed behavior candy with respect to a character in particular that is, Terry. Throughout the novel Candy looking for Terry and wants to be with him, goes on his quest when he leaves school, then goes to America looking for it, will also be the hospital without permission to see its representation in Chicago, runs in your search in the train station. Candy is looking for Terry because he is a brilliant way for her.

The motivations of Candy and Terry are the same, they do not want to be separated because they have suffered two long and painful separations, the St. Paul school and the most exhausting for both caused by Susana.

We must then return to the monologue as it has been noted above and compare with this snippet:

"I had experienced many separations painful."
However, while we are alive, we can see us back again.
Is why I no longer have fear of separations." 230-235, volume 1, Chapter 2: retrospection of Candy
Indeed it is becoming reference to Candy and Terry and his painful absences, but also to the opportunity afforded the life to be reunited.

Other tracks offered by Misuki to tell us that Terry is anohito we are presented in the third chapter page 148 of the first volume, which was previously analyzed. The return of Candy as a COP in a boat to United States.

"When I spoke to him of my trip to the USA, at first, he laughed out loud, to hear my story. However, his expression suddenly became serious and embraced me with force. "Luckily, they were safe," he said."

We must bear in mind the letter that Candy writes Terry and sends in which it says that he wanted to tell his adventure here:

"Terry. I wanted to tell you a story of adventure returning from Britain following you, but I couldn't. Most of my letters seem to not have got."

Because it is known that Terry never knew the story of the return of Candy, and on the other hand we know that Albert should know the story by daily Candy. It is important to consider that Albert and Candy shared long periods together where they could chat adventures, for example regarding when they lived in the apartment Magnolia.

The way is to link the desire for Candy by Terry telling this story of his journey as a COP in the letter that writes to him, with the hindsight of when told it is anohito suggests that in effect this desire of it is fulfilled in the future.
But this appearance tells us also the character of Terry a character where the mood swings were typical in contrast with an Albert that it is characterized by being an extremely calm person.
Undoubtedly there is talk of the fickle nature of Terry as the lover of Candy.

Similarly the daffodils are another fundamental element pointing to Terry. In the monologue of Candy is important to emphasize the transition made by Misuki. Candy recalls the death of Anthony and his feelings are exalting for what comes out to the terrace to relax breathing in the scent of narcissus representing Terry and the hope of life see:

"Anthony died,-that morning, in front of me."
At that time, he was losing the trial. The more I remember, the moment becomes more clear-
Trying to calm my exalted emotions, I went out to the terrace.
The River Avon flows easily, getting the Sun of the afternoon of early spring. The fresh air from the river soothes my heated emotions that are stirred. A scent of narcissus comes from the courtyard. I smell their sweet aroma deeply in my lungs. The space between the trees in the courtyard looks irradiated by light golden already that now many daffodils now in abundance."

On the other hand, the Candy library with the works of Shakespeare, English and French literature and medicine textbooks, we speak of a pair made up of Candy and Terry. Terry love for the theater is already mentioned during the summer in Scotland when Candy is the complete works of Shakespeare, bound in leather.
Admittedly, that Shakespeare is closely related to Terry, this was Romeo was Hamlet, is a Shakespearean actor and of course belongs to Stratford from New York (in fiction) company whose headquarters is Straford Upon Avon in England.
Terry has a perfect alibi to move to England if we take into account that due to the commercial success of Hamlet it was invited to do a tour of the United Kingdom and perhaps to join the prestigious Royal Shakespeare Company later.

On the other hand it is more difficult to think of an Albert established on a site not only for its tireless traveller characteristics but also due to their commitment as the Patriarch of the family Andley which makes him someone who must constantly move because of their business.

If we think about the chest that anohito gives Candy, an exquisite box transmitted from generation to generation again refers us to Terry because when speaking of a relic that is transmitted must bear in mind that you are referring to several successions at least four or five generations so that really is a relic and would be talking then about 250 years.
We know that the fortune of the family Andley begins with the great-grandfather of Albert and that Albert's father died prematurely so they are nouveau riche, which means that your wealth begins in the second half of the 19th century.

One of the speculations that defend Albert is a photo of the Leagan which is located in the room of the residence of Candy.
In my opinion, Candy meets this concern from the monologue when he says:

"I would like to visit the home of Pony...
The Manor House of the Ardlay in Lakewood is now sold to other hands. "Even the Leagan House stranger these days..."

The character of Candy should be considered to understand that you despite all the ill treatment received by the Leagan throughout his life, these characters are part of your family and are part of a very important moment of his life, i.e., their time in Lakewood with Anthony.
On the other hand, that not only pictured are the Leagan but also the sr Albert and George which are characters that she greatly appreciates.
Finally this photo represents the Candy link with the United States because she is on the other side of the ocean.

Finally, Slim painting makes reference to Terry for the reasons above in the analysis of this aspect. Terry acknowledges the nature because the colors of the flowers of the colegio San Pablo and Pony Hill are almost equal but these flowers are not strictly the same and more importantly this observed the home of Pony from the Hill as described that it was painted the picture by Slim.


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