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Deciphering the ages of the players (11th part)

One of the aspects of the CCFS novel that we would like to clarify has to do with the ages of the players.

Until what is known thanks to the manga, anime and novel of 78, Candy St. Paul complies with 15 years in the may of the school festival. Indeed, in one of the scenes of the ship "The Seagull" when Candy travels as COP next to Cookie's return to the United States, she claims to have 15 years of age, the same age as the own Cookie. However, in CCFS Candy age has changed.

When Annie is adopted by the family Brigthon Candy says:

"Since I was a baby until six years I always have been with Annie." Annie has always been a moaning". Vol. I. p. 15.

This is the first reference of the age of Candy. We know then that when Annie is leaving the home of Pony, so she as Candy are close to 6 years of age.

Later Candy reads as follows:

"Although this Hill will soon be covered with flowers, we can not collect them together, or play to pursue us, or swim in the River, or fishing joints..." p. 25.

As Hill Pony does not seem to be at its full height of spring as Candy says, then you can think that the adoption of Annie occurs perhaps at the beginning of the spring is at the end of March.

The age of Albert.
Subsequently, Candy is the Prince of the Hill immediately after the departure of Annie. See pages 26-27 of the first volume. We also know that Albert is 17 years old, when going to the Hill of Pony as the Prince thanks to what he says in his correspondence with Candy:

"I, who had come to meet 17 years deprived of freedom and slave of my name. Who was I? Which so distorted life! Correspondence. Letter from Albert to Candy. Page 300. Vol II.

We conclude with this data that there are 11 years of difference between Candy and Albert. But other questions that arise are the following:

Old is Candy at the Leagan House? and at what age dies Anthony? Let us examine.

Candy tells us on page 31 of volume I still living in the home of Pony.

"Pony Hill seems to be now a Queen, decorated with a colorful flowers yellow, pink, white, and blue dress.
In five days I will be 13 years."

More on Candy says on page 32:

"It's been 7 years since Annie was adopted as the daughter of the Brighton family"

On page 34 is again designated the age of Candy. She just turned 13 in 1912.
Then if Candy has 13 years yet when at Pony's home to old part Pony home Candy to the Leagan House?
Well apparently part slightly until the summer of 1912 start. Here fragments:

"Pony home is wrapped in the soft light of the Sun the summer starts" p. 45.

From page 48 Mr Stewart appears with the luxury car of the Leagan family home of Pony and Candy part along with Stewart to Leagan mansion on page 50 and 51. The motivation of Candy to go Pony home was the economic situation of the household. She didn't want to be a burden because he could not work for being so young.

Candy part the Leagan House during the end of the spring. This becomes clear with the following fragment of the Tome I:

“…Small rivers of blue color of Lupinus ran endlessly on either side of the road.
"How many lupinus! Here there's only blue? In Pony Hill they grow also in pink and violet!"
"Do Lupinus? Mr. Hawkins called these flowers "bluebonnet", she said smiling the Lord Stewart.
"Would the Lord...?"Hawkins?"
"He is the head of the Andrew family gardeners. There is no flower that does not know". Vol. I. pags.52 - 53.

The bluebonnets bloom during the beginning of spring until the beginning of summer then is clarified the time that Candy comes home from the Leagan between late spring and early summer of 1912 with just turned 13 years old.

On pages 56-57 Candy has become the Leagan House and is received by a bucket of cold water thrown from the balcony by Neil and Eliza.

The new question that arises us much time passes from the Candy reaches the Leagan House until he meets Anthony?

On pages 72-73 of volume I when Candy is to Anthony for the first time on the portal of the Roses she tells us:

"Since I saw at the top of the Hill the Prince seven years have passed since then." Vol. I. p. 72.

We now know that Candy has this time 13 years of age and not 14 as previously thought due to the earlier raised by the teacher Nagita.
Another point to clarify is that Candy wasn't 2 years between the Leagan House and the mansion of the Andley. The adventures of Candy in Lakewood time is actually quite short, a few months.

And the Sweet Candy gift?

It is often thought that the gift of the bowl with flowers sweets Candy by Anthony is a birthday gift; but it's really a gift from Anthony to Candy that he offers most likely during the summer, maybe late July. This gift seems that it is considered in the Final Story as a kind of Declaration of love by Anthony to Candy. The sweet Candy gift takes place between the pages 119 to 121 of the first volume.

Subtraction clarify that Candy and Anthony lived really a moment of very short love 5 months maximum 6 months (why is a fleeting love) which takes place in late spring/summer and autumn.

When is Candy carried to Mexico?
Candy is carried near the end of the summer to the farm of Mexico and George rescues her, and returns with her to Lakewood in late summer. Here are some snippets:

On page 185 revealed the arrival time of the Candy to Lakewood:

"The wind was cold, summer had come to an end"

From page 188 and a few pages later tells scene Candy enters Lakewood:

"In front of the main gate, a big black car stopped.
A mature middle-aged gentleman came out first and opened the car door.
A lady with a pink dress came out of the car with a jump.
Was Candy." P. 190.

Candy passes in the company of Anthony, Archie and Alistear two months maximum and Fox hunting occurs in late autumn (late October or early November) where Anthony dies. Pages 222-223. Then Candy will depart from Lakewood for Pony home at the beginning of winter.

How old is Anthony when he dies?

When Anthony dies the is 15 years old. So there it Candy on page 222-223 of the first volume.

"Anthony Brown.
Only it was 15 years of age." Vol. I. p. 223.

Archie and Stear

On the other hand, the information provided by Archie on the death of Stear are relevant. Archie says that between him and his brother had two years of difference and that Archie was the same age as Anthony. If Alistear dies at the end of 1916, then his death occurs when he was 21 years old and Candy would have 17 years at that time because including it would have four years of each other.
Then, Archie is 19 years old in 1916 when Stear dies. Annie 17 years as well as Candy and Albert 28 years.

The age of Terry
As the age of Terry not found records in the novel Final Story. Taking into account that the author seeks to create a sort of parallelism between Anthony and Terry when they find Candy, it is likely that for the moment that Terry is Candy in "Mauritania" had 15 years and perhaps meet his 16 years at the end of January 1913 while Candy meets her 14 years in May. Since so far there is no precise information about their age, you must leave Terry with the age provided by the teacher Nagita in previous versions.

The fact that Terry to penas San Pablo has 16 years during the College confirmed because he feels unable to take Candy cando occurs Eliza trap because we are talking about a boy of 16 years and a Candy of 14 years when they separate in London. They are practically two children.
The question of age is an interesting aspect of history especially for the parallelism between Anthony and Terry since two of them play a crucial role in key moments of the life of Candy to know: when Candy is accused of thief and taken to Mexico and when Candy is expelled from St. Paul College.

The reactions of these two characters are confronted in the novel. It can be said that Anthony had a passive role when Candy is brought to Mexico because although it is openly angry with the aunt Elroy he remains impassive Lakewood.
Terry on his part had an active role to be realize that Candy would be expelled decides to find a way to help her and having no choice but to from the College to protect the honor of Candy risk their own well-being and part of London abandoning Grandchester surname. For more information see the subtitled "Anthony versus Terry."

The ages of the players:

Candy was born in may 1899. It comes to Lakewood in 1912 with 13 years. When Candy meets Terry still had 13 years and meets his 14 years at the festival in may in 1913.
Anthony was born in 1897. He died 15 years between late October or early November.
Terry was born on January 28, 1897? There are no references in the novel discovered so far. You must follow fact then the old information from the author of a 15 year old girl when she meets Candy on the ship Mauritania during the new year in 1913 subsequently serving 16 years on 28 January 1913.
Albert was born in 1888. Meet Candy in 1905 when he was 17 years old.
Archie was born in 1897. He has 19 years when Stear dies.
Stear was born in 1895 died in 1916 at 21 years of age.
Annie was born in may 1899

When beginning the retrospection of Candy in the Final Story?

Although in the novel is not given an exact date of the moment that Candy makes his hindsight if there are two tracks that gives us the master Nagita. The first is that Candy is very close to the second world war as the author puts it in the epilogue and the second that I have found is in the first volume where Candy says the following when recalls the death of Anthony:

"Ah Anthony...""I just repeat that... even now over 20 years later are the only words that I am." Vol. I. p. 218.

This fragment refers us to think that Candy is beyond talking about 1932. If we count from the autumn of 1913 moment in which Anthony dies twenty years, leads us to the autumn of 1932. But as he tells us that more than twenty years have passed since that death, Candy is suggesting we attach a few more years, between 3 and 5 years when Final Story begins. Then we can conclude that Candy can be talking us minimum from the spring of 1937 is 24 years and 5 months after the death of Anthony since as it suggests they have spent more than 20 years.


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