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Candy/Albert correspondence (4th part)

* Recommendation: Please always check that I'm giving the correct transcription of the letters.

Candy the wizards?

There is an expression that uses Bequi to talk about a possible romance within the correspondence. Let's see

Candy says:
"Well, now I'm going to cast a spell to the Prince of the Hill!
Abracadabra, alakazan!
"That day will go to Pony's home to meet the girl" you're more cute when you smile to cry when "letter from Candy to Albert." Epilogue

Then Albert responds:

"For the Candy witch:"
Dear Candy:
I remember perfectly the birthday of a girl even without that you should recite a strange enchantment like that! In addition to good weather so it was looking for a gift. Result of sweat and tears. A gift that will make you surely happy. So forgive me if your spell has not had effect. No one else that I wanted to take a day of vacation but with serious air George said to me: "I think that it has already taken every day of the rest of a lifetime"

Then it says

"But I have to admit that your spell had some effect. Since then, they have not done more than return me to mind the events of the past.
Yes, why was on the hill that day? And what's more, why they wore traditional costume?" Correspondence of Candy and Albert. Epilogue

Attention to all the fans in general! It should not be read a sentence and make conclusions. Read thus is extremely dangerous. You should know the why of what is said, that is, the total content of the two letters in question. If you only take what is convenient to build a love story is forgetting own intension of the Charter, and at the same time it is auto cheating. I invite them to read the complete letters several times and understand the meaning of them.

Bequi says:
"In the same way Candy writes in his letter to Mary (B2/pg. (203-204) "I was a witch and had not noticed it?" is reflected in the spell that Candy instructs Albert (B2/pg. 291-295) and the subsequent response of Albert (B2/pg.296-304) "Dear Candy hechizera Miss", the theme is repeated several times within the same letter." Bequi journal. "Anohito untangled

Sorceress has nothing to do with a matter of love as it seeks it to develop bequi on his blog.

Candy as a joke says cast a spell so that Albert will be the home of Pony and finally tell you its history, she wants to know all the mysteries surrounding the strange life of Albert. Candy has a huge curiosity and we can say that at the time of the letter is still in shock because of the strong impression that has caused the revelations of Albert. What she wants is to know it all and for anyone, it is much better that all information be revealed to face because the feeling is more intense.
However since Albert is already William Albert Andley not can go to the home of Pony as Candy waiting but as you want her to be happy and satisfy their curiosity writes him a long letter telling him of the why was the first time they met on the Hill of Pony. It is within this same explanation that he has that she lay down on the Hill and there is no evidence of that has looked at the home of Pony, very revealing data and little favour with respect to the painting of Slim.

On the other hand, I do not understand very well reading making bequi's letter to Mary. What I understood in my reading is that it was Eliza witch called Candy. Eliza says that Candy is a curse.

It is interesting that it has spoken of witchcraft in this letter because this refers directly to an episode of the manga (in the anime does not occur).
In the manga, Candy mocks Terry and tells him that he is doing a witchcraft. The scene takes place in Scotland, Candy pronounce your name slowly and nostalgic.

"Terry..." Terry Grandchester"and then this comes in and says:
"I am honoured that utter my name in that way"
Candy responds: "tell me Terry not you wilt ideas because I said your name?" You know, it may be that he said it to make you a spell."
Then Terry responds: "a spell, already I see..." You want to make me a spell para que me enamore de ti..."

Already by that time Terry was in love with Candy (literally says it in the may holiday) and Candy was also in love with him.
Please make a parallel between these two forms in which Candy becomes a sorceress and draw conclusions. Between the two situations there is a big difference of feelings between characters and perhaps the own Misuki has made this parallel to implicitly remind us of the scene that occurs between Candy and Terry during the summer in Scotland. Such evocations are typical within the narratives.

Returning to the correspondence, Candy finds great pleasure of knowing at last so many things that have intrigued her for many years. She meets Prince Albert on his side of the Hill. A big surprise should also be for her understanding that the tramp Albert is actually the uncle grandfather William.
Candy loves to Albert or sr William because this has helped enormously to orphans. It proposes the extension of the home of Pony, invites Candy to Chicago along with Ms. Pony, sister Maria and the children of the home and builds the merry clinic close to home to make Candy work alongside Dr. Martin.

They are therefore filled with much love and affection cards, because the two have been able to care for and help each other for many years. There must indeed be invisible threads between people when one of them needs help.
There is a constant desire that Candy get happiness by Albert. He wants her to be happy.

"After listening to the story I thought that he would have wanted to see you happy. I hope that this girl will find happiness, I thought. "And I can help them do it" letter from Albert to Candy. " Correspondence. Epilogue.

History repeats itself several times:

"Candy, then was nothing more than an individual suspected of unknown identity who had lost her memory. But have you not abandoned me even in that State. Not have you forsaken me even when you bid farewell to the hospital.
You have continued to encourage me telling me that you had helped just once, that my memory would return without a doubt.
Not can't thank you it enough.
I would like to continue in the future, helping you to find happiness"
Letter from Albert candy." Correspondence. Epilogue.

There is a pattern or structure that repeats itself within these letters. It seems that they speak of them, but in reality always incorporates within its long written lectures to other characters.
Albert always refers to Ms. Pony and sister Maria and the children from the home of Pony like Candy. This pattern is repeated 10 times within the charts.
On the other hand the word "thank you" will be repeated 12 in correspondence. Among them are an infinite gratitude that manifests itself with the recognition of this.
Some of the words that will be repeated throughout the correspondence will be adoptive parent and adopted daughter. Between the two will be 9 times.

"I will never forget when you told me that you"share everything", while we waited for the memory to return you, I thought that it would be nice to live so, as brother and sister... and now I'm your adoptive daughter!" Would perhaps should actually call you father? Letter from Candy to Albert. Epilogue.

Albert responds:

"Well, I'm going to Sao Paulo. I will write again when you are back.
Please refer to the teachers I've simply done what is expected of an adoptive parent. Adoptive father?
"At the end I said it just... be careful and I greet the children!" Letter from Albert to Candy. Epilogue.

The relationship between Candy and Albert is sealed when this Joker so invites Candy to reaffirm his role as father and protector with reference to which she can tell the teachers and mothers of Candy that are devout Christian.

Cesar and Cleopatra horses

In one of the letters of correspondence, Candy thanked Albert for having given away on his birthday, these hairs are those with whom she lived at the Leagan stable.

"Even after having been adopted, continued secretly visiting the Leagan stable." I learned later that it had been sold separately I was desperate. Caesar and Cleopatra was also agreed. I realized that you wanted to much. "What a terrible thing to have them separate!" Letter from Candy to Albert. Epilogue.

Albert response

"I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday, also the feast you liked very much, right?" I'm sorry, I had to leave before the end.
I wonder if Caesar and Cleopatra feel at ease at Pony's home. They are a beautiful couple. I wanted to show you that they had been happy to meet again. People are not different from animals."Letter from Albert to Candy. Epilogue

The gift is the horse Cesar and Cleopatra, Albert makes Candy (which George finds them) is a metaphor for the meeting after the forced separation. Eliza and Neal tire of these horses and are sold to different people. The purchase of these horses by Albert for Candy is very symbolic. It is as if you were saying - typical Albert - go Candy come there is always the chance of an encounter with Terry. The situation of two hairs can be directly applied to the reality of Terry with Candy. It is as if Albert were to play Cupid in this story.
Candy for its part makes a voluntary or involuntary comparison of his own love affair with the of these horses.
"When I learned later that it had been sold separately I felt desperate. Caesar and Cleopatra was also agreed. I realized that you wanted to much. "What a terrible thing to have them separate!"

Similarly, Candy also fight to prevent separation later Annie and Archie due to the condition of Annie as an orphan. It was Albert who retrieves the horses for Candy and Albert also that convinces the Andley clan to Archie and Annie can compromise, relieving the heart of Candy and give hope that this same opportunity is possible between her and Terry.

Bequi argumentation, at this time Albert and Candy are already in "love" so you don't have consistency with this as symbolic gesture by Albert. Albert knows very well what feels like Candy on the separation (she is suffering it) and give the horses in their symbol of maintaining faith that it is still possible to the reunion with loved ones, i.e. with Terry, hopes that you been passed down the Miss Pony with his famous phrase at the turn of the corner do not know what awaits you. The world is full of surprises.

The latest letter writing Candy to Albert is important because here they speak of the two loves of Candy: Anthony and Terry.
Candy will commemorate the death of Anthony to the point of getting hurt and crying in the arms of Albert.
What will become clear in this novel is the devotion, the almost obsession that Candy developed by Anthony. Many years have passed and Candy have difficulty assimilating that death. Candy feels guilt of having lost that happiness and that radiant time where it seemed his life was sealed in a destiny of love with Anthony.
Like the previous time that Albert comforts Candy when Anthony dies, the role of Albert is the console to Candy years later by that pain so honest that she still felt at the death of the young man. Candy frees you from this feeling of guilt that has been felt for having lost that life in Lakewood thanks again to the support offered by Albert.

The journal of Candy back

"On the desk in the room his identity came to consciousness. It was my diary.
Albert, wanted to return it to me right?
"This... is very important for you." So you told me, almost whispering, while you looked at out of the window. You were so quiet voice.
If, in that journal almost always speak of Terrence. I've also thought many times in that journal. At this moment, the newspaper that I've returned it next to me. But I have not opened it. I intend to entrust it to you again, as you've done your with the Medallion that have given me again once he had returned it to you.
Can't find that the passage of time is cruel and fascinating?
I have not the faintest idea where will be the world from now onwards; but I am sure that all the good memories will remain in my heart forever. And it is thanks to these memories that I will be able to overcome any difficulty.
"This is Albert... now I'm happy." Letter from Candy to Albert. Epilogue. Vol. II. Pp. 317-322.

This fragment of the novel, we can infer the following: after Candy manages to forgive for the death of Anthony with the consolation of Albert (is what happens before moving on to this fragment) this decides that it's high time Candy to make your newspaper of Tower. This has to do on the one hand with the fact that the journal has a great emotional value for Candy; but it is also a kind of transition. Albert may feel that Candy is already emotionally prepared to take the weight of that newspaper that is dedicated to Terry as she confirms it.
It is also clear that she has thought much about this newspaper and this is on your side when you type the last letter of the epilogue; but she in a symbolic gesture that want to recover and not think Terry will not open and it is in fact going to trust again Albert.
Now note that she said "I intend to entrust it to you again, as you've done your with the Medallion that have given me again once he had returned it to you."
She gives not the journal to Albert but she want to entrust him in a key gesture of trust towards this. It is as if he were the guardian of this love between Candy and Terry, as Candy is the guardian of the medallion of Albert as fundamental for him as it was on that day that his Medallion was lost that he took the decision to become an adventurer as writes it the letter that goes from page 296 to the 304 when tells us how you reach Hill Pony.

Another interpretation.

Another possibility for the return of the daily, could have to do with the fact that Albert has received in his mansion in Chicago the letter that Eleonora Baker writes to Candy. Eleonor does not know that Candy lives in the home of Pony, but if you know that Candy is the adoptive daughter of Andley family and get the address of one of the richest families of United States should not be very complicated. We would have to search in detail whether there can be a synchronicity between these two events. We will examine this aspect more calmly to see where we can take.

There is a very important chance between the visit of Candy and Albert to Lakewood and the letter next to the ticket to the play of Hamlet Eleonor Baker sent to Candy. These two events occur during the summer. Why do we know? Well, on one hand, Candy speaks to us in the last letter of the correspondence with Albert's a walk through forests where Anthony died in which cranberries were in full season.

"In the meadows full of multicolored roses, the Blueberry/blueberry were in full bloom" Vol. II. Pp. 217-322.

As we don't have dates, because of the destruction made concerning the chronology by Nagita, one of the most important bases for determining an event are the stations. If the Blueberry/blueberry were in full bloom as Candy when she visits Lakewood, his visit must have been compulsory between July/August which is the season of blueberries in the United States in fact the Huckleberry/blueberry is the fruit of the fall.

On the other hand, one of the questions that arises on the Charter of Eleonor Baker to Candy is as Baker locates candy after several years since their last meeting at Rockstown?
Let us evaluate the situation of Candy at that time. Candy was in an uncertain situation when he meets Eleonor Baker at Rockstown, as she tells him in his reply, was unsuccessfully looking for his lost benefactor.
At the time, she lived in the apartment "Magnolia" in Chicago that I do not think that it was a fact known by Eleanor. Neither I consider possible that Eleanor knows the address of the home of Pony, an English orphanage lost in the mountains.
The only thing that if it is likely that Baker knew candy safely is that she belonged to the prestigious and wealthy Chicago Andley family. Not knowing an address, Eleanor B. probably sent his letter to the only possible destination where she believes to find Candy or at least a strategy that Candy receives your letter, we are talking about the mansion Andley in Chicago. Locate the address of one of the richest families of the United States not should represent in fact a problem for Baker.
If this interpretation is correct, the letter most likely goes to Albert, the benefactor of Candy rather than pass into the hands of the same Candy.

I am inclined to think that Albert could understand that Eleonora Candy Baker letter had to do with Terry. Perhaps, Candy could talk to you about this secret to Albert from the apartment "Magnolia", maybe the can sense on their own that the letter has to do with Terry. Otherwise, what a recognized celebrity drama sends a letter to Candy? That doesn't make any sense if left loose.

Equally important, something that seems to connect these two events, is temporary. We know that the Charter of Eleanor candy comes during the summer. Why do we know it?
The ticket represented in the form of a rectangle on the page 270 of the second volume tells us:

Function of autumn of the Stratford theatre company
Director: Robert Hathaway
"Main actor: Terrance Graham." Vol. II. p. 270.

The letter of response from Candy says the following:

"I am sure that Terry is the perfect actor to play Hamlet.
I am sure that the work will be a great success as the critics predict it.
Sorry Miss Baker...
I appreciate it so much that my heart hurts." Vol. II. P. 273.

These data are very useful because they confirm that the ticket for the work of Hamlet more Baker letter and the letter of response from Candy to Eleanor should subsequently take place before the start of the season. This confirms the words of Candy made "I am sure that the work will be successful as critics predict", affirming that when she sent the letter in response to Baker, the work has not yet commenced. It is still summer or early autumn than if we take into account that the autumn begins on Sept. 21 in the United States of America.
The letter of response from Candy to Eleanor must be written as Max in September before the start of the season of "Hamlet" and the invitation of Baker of course must be received in August.

These data make us think that Candy to Lakewood visit takes place in August during the Blueberry/blueberry season and that by providing you with Albert back daily, gives equally Eleonor Baker letter. This theory is held and makes sense if we consider the timing of the two events and the motivation of Albert to return daily.

Ask you, why isn't this in the last letter of Candy to Albert this made? Well the answer is very simple, if Misuki gives us this data, gives us free dates, it would easily order ideas and in addition would be clarified and said that for the first years of 1920 or 1921 (still date is TBD) Candy still in love with Terry - confirmed in the response that Candy sent to Baker and a blow to the hopes of the Albert fans. Nagita wanted to leave was the ambiguity of time, of the chronological destruction there. If we also take into account that this letter that Candy writes Albert over the letter that Candy writes Anthony are the latest correspondence of the second volume of the novel and if we know that the Baker letter and the response of Candy occur for the same period, he is then confirmed without fail still at that moment Candy loves to Terry.
This can clear up a part why Albert decided to return the journal to Candy as well as the special delicacy of Albert to deliver the newspaper to Candy as indeed is reviving with the diary and letter of Eleonor Baker a very painful memory for her; but Albert knowing the feelings of Candy can not afford not to do so because he is a character who was represented throughout the novel as the eternal protector of the love of Candy.

Also becomes more understandable that feeling of yearning expressed by Candy in the letter to Anthony "while there is life there is hope." Letter writing Candy next to the last letter of your correspondence with Albert and next to the response for Eleonor Baker.

Then Candy says:
"I have not the faintest idea where anger the world from now on;" but I am sure that all the good memories will remain in my heart forever."

With this phrase, Candy is filled with courage in times to come. He has learned from his experiences and Anthony and Terry his two lost loves will have beautiful memories that will feed her for the rest of his life. This same speech repeated in the letter to Anthony.

Indeed I believe as bequi on his blog, he says that Candy closes its relationship with Albert. But not in the way as she believes. We are talking about that this occurs in approximately 1921 or 1922?, i.e. 6 or 7 years of separation with Terry. During this time Albert will be with it supporting it in this slow recovery. Albert owes much to Candy, but above all he knows that she needs emotionally to heal.
I do not think that this was the last card of Candy to Albert or Albert to Candy, what I think is that were the most important cards among them by the big issues discussed and say without a doubt that the link between them is beyond any separation it is a link as they say invisible it would endure despite the time, and this is the closest thing to a family link. The only unbreakable link are family ties. When she speaks of invisible threads alludes to family ties, that are invisible threads.

Albert feels that Candy is ready to continue his life and continue its single catharsis now enjoying a better state of mind thanks to friends and of course the joy and tranquility that provide you to be next to their beloved mothers and their beloved home of Pony.

The interpreacion of Bequi:
At the end of the Decade of 1910, Candice White and William Albert Ardlay are enamored of the other, but both the American Society of this time and his family never would allow them to be together as husband and wife; "If I could have, would have liked to live in secret with you" (L2/pg. 288-290)
By then, W.A. is also well aware of the opposition of his family and understands that they will never be able to be together, and in a last sacrifice of love, he offers the diary back to Candy "this is... important to you."You you said in a low voice while watched through the window. You what you said almost whispering-"." (L2/pg. 316-322) - the journal is the symbol of the love of Candy by Terry - "Yes, this newspaper was above all about Terry." Albert, in a symbolic gesture not only is returning the journal, but the freedom of Candy "I will find out where lies your happiness" (L2/pg. 311-315). Bequi journal. Anohito untangled.

Bequi argument doesn't make much sense with the interpretations carried out around a possible romance between Albert and Candy but I've left them some samples that you compare and corroborate with the explanations proposed here.

We can conclude then that these letters are full of love and gratitude by Candy and Albert.
Albert Candy reveals their different identities and this feels deeply moved that his friend Albert is also his adoptive father and who is the Prince of the Hill. There is much joy in these events because they are long awaited by Candy surprises.
The letters of Albert are essentially the explanation of its history. No one knew how he arrived at Pony Hill and how it became Albert, therefore your letters are the explanations that he knew that Candy deserved to have and Candy has received them with great enthusiasm of course.

Now there will be an intensity of the relationship between them as adoptive daughter (written 7 times) and father (written 4 times). In addition to an increase in this ratio is also sealed any relationship between them when Albert closed his letter saying "Please refer them to the teachers that I've simply done what is expected of an adoptive parent."

With this formula, Albert is warning us that his relationship with Candy is a family and that he knows his position as father of wanting to be recognized by the Christian nuns, mothers of Candy Candy.
In a response from Albert to this Candy tells us, "I think that my faith has been made deeper than before."
Thus Misuki is the point of religiosity in his novel in a subtle way without forgetting the moral implication of the characters and the depth cristina faith of Candy instilled by their teachers and that indeed it shares with Albert also described here as a person devoted to know his role as father but feels nevertheless stunned to be it.
There is something that they've forgotten to acknowledge the fans of Albert and that is a fundamental aspect of this character. When Candy is the Prince of the Hill, she was crying and said "I also want to have a dad and a MOM" casually first thing he says is a Pope. She does not need mothers because it already has two devout women who love her but she needs a father. Saying Candy this, it appears in scene the Prince of the hill that will later become his father as uncle. The intentionality of Misuki is too accurate. It seems that the role of Albert was built completely from the beginning. (Please read the manga to verify information)

Another aspect that enhances that sense of familiarity among them is the constant mention Rosemary Brown. Rosemary like Candy are the only ones who call Albert, Bert as Candy mentions it in his letter. The relationship of them always scale between daughter and father condition and the condition of brother and sister. Misuki then proposes us the following: If you think rare intimate correspondence between a father and a daughter, also intend it to think this correspondence between two playful siblings who want to be and have a deep intimacy.
In fact, if we think of Kyoko Misuki life, she lost her father at age 12 and the Prince of the Hill appears in the history of Candy when Candy crying asks a father. Kyoko also tells us in his biography that he was a very lonely girl because she had no brothers. Now in the history of Candy and Albert is portrait in the apartment Magnolia was a life of brother and sister to calm the loneliness of Candy. Thus the character of Albert is closely related to the author's own experiences with his family, that Albert is for Candy a father and a brother, the two things that the own Misuki wanted.

The may festival and the first kiss

It is during the may festival which Candy is kissed by Terry. But this scene is important because it replaces another former scene.
In vol I especially pages 162 and 163 is narrated the parade of Anthony and Candy in a beautiful white horse. Candy will feel like a dream. At this time, Anthony confesses his love for Candy

"Anthony tightened the reins with force, we start to run at full Gallop in the white horse"
"Candy I like you, I love you" "Candy I like you I love you" repeated Anthony

Candy believes that it is wind, but it also has the certainty that is Anthony who speaks. She responds to herself that she also loves him. Candy feels the heart of Anthony and his hot chest close to her.
This same scene is repeated later with Terry. Again riding through the forest. However, the scene is to forget the memory of Anthony and the Declaration of love in that ride. In fact forced kiss of Terry and the ride is a confession of love from this and request that Candy sure to Anthony.

Here's a summary of the may festival:

She did not want to remember. Anthony looked back. A horse began to run.
No, do not go in that direction!
"Stop! Anthony, help me! "Candy screamed and closed her eyes even more.
"So. Grita! Call Anthony! He will not come never! "Terry shouted as he ran.
"Forget it! Just forget it! A dead man will not return ever. He will not feel any pain! Open your eyes! Open your eyes and look carefully at your round, Candy! "

And the outcome of this scene is as follows:

"We are alive..."Terry and I..."
It was a sudden awareness, as if Candy was pushed with an acute sense.
"A dead man won't ever." he repeated the cry of Terry.
(Anthony...) I knew it... I know...)
She saw Anthony nodding beyond the light.
-You're right, Candy. I can never return to you... It's okay to forget me...
Candy saw Anthony dissolve into light smiling.
Candy was about to call it, but closed his mouth.

Like the contrast between the sweet Candy and daffodils this scene is once again the transition from Anthony Terry. It will be the same ride in the middle of a forest where the nature exhibition embellishes the description.


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