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Terry is a bright path (10th part)

When Candy tells Terry, this is constantly evoked as a bright path. Terry has become a destination for Candy.

"The sun began to increase. The ship was now bright as if sprinkled with gold dust.
A path of dazzling light was shining sea. Terry boat was advancing in the midst of this light." P. 141 vol II. Terry part to us.

"Surely someday we will see if you live." P. 142 Terry part to us.

Establishes the idea that Terry is a way for Candy. Printing between road and invisible threads feels different and the evocation of the brilliant way that represents Terry is of course constantly throughout the novel; While the idea of wires only mentioned twice.
In history, with Albert threads do not seem to be linked with romance or a desire for Candy reach a coveted goal of love. On the contrary, the shining path refers to a destination that is desired and wanted all the time by her.

"Looking back, the Academy seemed to sink into the darkness." P. 145
"Compared with the road that stretched before her bright now. Candy took air deeply and began to walk." P. 146.

This is the vision of Candy when St. Paul part College and is the consequence of its desire to find a Terry again. This brilliant road Candy notes is the path also taken by Terry when abanda school therefore a step towards him, represents all that dazzle Candy while St. Paul school sinks into the shadows because there is more light of Terry.

On the other hand, to make the Association of Terry as a bright path, becomes relationship perfectly with the phrase of Miss Pony "around the corner not you know what awaits you" which also makes reference to the twists of fate throughout life.

"I heard news of Terry.
The single news made me feel as if a bright path extends in front of my eyes.
"I will certainly meet with him." That thinking became a very strong conviction." P. 187.


"But soon after... You could not imagine the difficulty that awaited me at the turn of the corner"p. 188.

In this way Candy joins the phrase of Miss Pony with own vision which she retains Terry as a bright path stretching before her but a road which remains uncertain because of the painful twists of fate.

Terry is a bright path. You is perhaps telling Misuki that Terry is Candy light?
It gives the impression that in reality this is the representation that search suggest the author on Terry. Daffodils that Candy breathes in your garden speak to us again the bright light that is associated with Terry:

"The River Avon flows easily, getting the Sun of the afternoon of early spring. The fresh air from the river soothes my heated emotions that are stirred. A scent of narcissus comes from the courtyard. I smell their sweet aroma deeply in my lungs."
"The space between the trees in the courtyard are irradiated by light golden already to many narcissus flowers in profusion now" Vol I. Pág. 231.

The author goes further later in the final scene of the epilogue Candy tells us the following:

"The things I learned by friendship with the destination opening. Light and shadow, the destination is not only shadow... also we radiates with a stunningly beautiful light. And tells the señorita Pony don't know what awaits us around the corner". Vol II. Page 330.

Is who these statements drawn throughout the novel? Again, it is the suggestion to Terry/anohito which is destiny dazzling candy its bright light after overcoming the shadows.

But in the epilogue there is another final and definitive suggestion besides the one mentioned above. It is the same idea of light and shade represented in another way. Let's see:

"At that moment, suddenly the lights in the room's lit up that it happens to you that these dark candy?" Vol. II p. 331.

Casually at the end of the epilogue anohito turns on the light with the darkness of Candy. Again it is the bright light which represents Terry throughout the novel that takes candy from his reminiscences and returns it to its present where the light is always there. It is a stunning contrast that teacher Misuki manages to finish the novel.

It should be remembered that the idea of Terry as light also relate to Susanna. They were a few reflectors that policymakers that Susanna loses leg fall on Terry. The idea of light is again linked with Terry under other circumstances.

The voice and the smile of Anohito.

"At that time, suddenly the lights in the room lit up. that happens to you that these dark candy?" That sweet voice always makes my heart beat fast...In front of the door, that person looks at me, smiling. I like the smile so much. I have not heard the sound of the car that announces the return of that person"
Welcome back! Voice choppy by the happiness of being able to say these words I lift Chair and throw me into the arms of that person." Vol Ii.pag. 331. Epilogue.

Much has been said on the last page of the epilogue of the work. Discussions have focused on the fact that apparently there is a coincidence between the way the sleeve ends and as the novel ends.

In this last section, it is important to note the following sentence:

"That sweet voice always makes my heart beat faster..."


When Candy is the Prince of the Hill he speaks of his voice and the passions aroused in the following manner:

"Suddenly a soft voice shocked Candy." P. 27


"Suddenly the boy echo laughed with a refreshing voice. P. 27

"Candy believed that he could talk to him anything..." p. 28

As Albert

"Go! that if was an extreme greeting."
The man laughed, with a sweet voice. Candy calmed a bit after hearing the soft voice. P. 141.

The voice of Albert is taken as a calming effect. The characteristic of the voice of Albert seems to be healing for the heart of Candy. It's a reassuring feeling that produces his voice that has nothing to do with the voice that makes quickly palpitate the heart of Candy at the end of the epilogue.


"Princess, can I this piece?"
"It was a whispering voice as the Anthony" p. 27. Vol II.
Terry returned the smile of his heart to Candy that suddenly turned, smiling.
There are things that are communicated more forcefully with a smile than with words. The heart of Candy was full of heat.

"I like Terry..." Candy thought about it to the point of injury. "And perhaps Terry..." "Me..." p. 87 Vol II.
"Hot, my heart completely burned. When I think of Terry my breath is painful and I feel however very happy." P. 103.
"Neither low nor high, the voice of Terry is profound. It is nervous, but his sensitive and delicate smiling face is enough to melt everyone..."p. 187. Vol. II

The descriptions can be contrasted approach Albert and Terry in the Final Story and is irrefutable that the expression "a heart that beats faster" this unique and exclusively associated with emotions that Candy by Terry throughout the novel. This expression seeks to exit the ambiguity about the person who is with Candy in his present. Therefore once again, at the end of the novel, the author evokes Terry as a lover of Candy.

"Welcome back."

The thrill of Candy to express the words "Welcome back" is directly related to its history with Terry.
Terry has become surprisingly after a day of reminiscent of Candy as Candy again years ago through the unexpected letter in which he expresses have changed nothing.
If a complete reading of the epilogue is, Candy is ending its reflections on its past and is keeping in your jeweler evocative objects of his memories, then talks about that destination is not only shade but dazzling light (the light that always associated with Terry) to relate this idea later with the phrase "just around the corner you don't know what you expect."Then say: "Although bitterness crosses my path, if I open I step without fear, at the next corner will come back to see me wrapped in the embrace of a wonderful meeting. "I think that '. These are the last words of the epilogue page 330 and represent in reality if is gave a meeting between Candy and Terry that makes that she can have the absolute certainty that just around the corner the wonderful encounters are possible when you're brave enough to accept the destiny with their shadows.

All these transitions in the discourse of Candy go to a road or a dazzling destination that is Terry. However, this destination that seemed to lost arrives unexpectedly and surprise candy hence the phrase "on the next corner I will return to see me wrapped in the embrace of a wonderful meeting." The corners always represented the events unknown the fate of the characters in this story.

If we take a look at the sequence of events in the second volume of the novel before the beginning of the epilogue, the last occurring in the true temporality of Final Story is the letter from Terry to Candy (p. 283) which is a special event in her life and that represent what is unknown, surprising and dazzling. The last event that remember Candy along this journey through his memories will be the letter from Terry that is the end result of this love story.
To represent this meeting once again marvel at the end of the epilogue (p. 331) without reaching the description explicitly that this is Terry, the teacher Nagita use three essential of this character representations: "light", "the sweet voice that always makes the Candy heart to beat rapidly" and the phrase "have not heard the sound of the car that announces the return of that person."Welcome again."

Terry returns to Candy without being warned by her and surprised her in the midst of the darkness of the room proceeding to illuminate it, fill it with light. As the letter from Terry to Candy coming probably not be expected; history seems to be repeating in page end (331) as Candy nor hear the sound of the car that announces the return of that person/Terry that will make her feel again surprised, hence being able to say "Welcome back" has for her great emotional load that makes his voice is choppy because as in the case of Terry long ago candy, the return of Terry once again represents the confirmation of this wonderful event and that above all that the is the fate of Candy.

"Although the bitterness to cross my path, if I open I step without fear, at the next corner will return to see me wrapped in the embrace of a wonderful meeting." p. 330.

"I have not heard the sound of the car that announces the return of that person"
Welcome back! Voice choppy by the happiness of being able to say this word I lift Chair and throw me into the arms of that person."P. 331.

The life and death

In this novel there is a constant parallel with life and death. Therefore, there is a comparison between Anthony and recurrent Terry. Candy not more feel the heat of Anthony because he is dead, but Terry is alive, she can still feel the life of Terry:

"Terry that had seized me hot chest still continues jumping wildly in me." Vol. II. Pp. 234-237

"Perhaps, the heat of your chest remained in me."Vol. II, p. 277.

Despite the separation with Terry, Candy is happy for the simple fact that Terry lives. She can follow him through the magazines and newspapers although it may not be with him. She doesn't have to leave his feelings because Terry may someday meet the illusion, that Anthony can never do. That's why she admits that you should forget to Anthony, he never will be, but Terry If Terry this.

"While there is life there is hope" Vol. II. P. 330

The hope of reunion against separation, the force of life over death, that is the story of Candy and represents their experiences and their learning as a human being. The story is ultimately the hope that gives life to love and be loved.

In the case of Terry is should also express their own pain and dilemmas to complicate the character and make it worthy of the love of Candy. The obligation to be with Suzanna above their feelings was the proposal of the author so this character suffered its own internal transformation and surpass itself. His gesture of sacrifice by someone who does not love or love was so noble as the very acts that Candy taught us throughout his adventures.


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Thanks so much for this excellent analysis .. Everything is very crystal clear... TERRY =ANOHITO

At 23 August 2018 at 03:11 , Blogger Neofelis said...

I completely agree..but I still can't explain why she wrote, in her unsent mail to Terry, P.S. Terry, I loved you. Why she put in to the past her love for him? What do you think about it?


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