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The letter that Candy writes Terry but never sends (6th part)

The Apricot: is a delicate fruit sweet and velvety skin. In Asia in general and Japan in particular is very dear for being considered a fruit which provided health and longevity.
Of other side the apricot is related with the passion, the sensuality and the color orange symbolizes, the joy, the happiness, the attraction, the marriage and fertility
[/ color]

This is the most significant part of the Charter and perhaps one of the most beautiful descriptions of a State of mind, as well as expressions which Candy also used to refer to Anthony of course.

"Dear Terrious Graham,
Whenever I find in my mind, my mind becomes a bittersweet (sweet and sour) ripe apricot. "I even can not breathe, as if a very gentle breeze bounced it to the Earth." Pp. 274-277.

What is the intent of this sentence?
It is a very beautiful phrase, but a very melancholic tone. The deep pain of Candy feels. These two phrases represent the meaning of feelings of Candy to Terry.
Candy is represented as a ripe fruit (apricot) which means that this list as a woman to Terry. Here we are not talking about an ambiguous relationship, metaphor refers to Candy while female matures sexually to Terry.
If you read the references on the apricot vera Candy is talking to Terry as lover/husband that is the characteristic vision that draws us subtly Nagita on anohito.
Apricot tree is in fact related to virginity. Do you would be telling us also Misuki that without Terry Candy would be a maiden the rest of your life?

But it is also telling us that it is a beautiful state, she developed intense emotions by Terry and these feelings are really sweet; but they are also bitter, because they are very painful memories that mingle to create a sweet and sour Apricot and happy memories. She moves between these two States of mind, joy and sadness.

After Candy tells us that she can breathe at this strong thought, i.e. the thought of Terry. The tragic result of a love so intense leaves it without air, stuns her to steal her breath and this refers to the very existence because if not breathing dies.

The soft breeze that boot the apricot to the Earth. The soft breeze has to do with the passage of time, Candy is afraid of the time that it runs and it takes them away, afraid that time destroys its own souvenir because as Anthony Candy still or want to continue to cling to the memory of Terry it is why she says "I even can not breathe" tried his own memories don't leave ittrying that the time does not follow its course.
We must also observe as she begins her phrase: "whenever you encounter in my mind." There is an implied suggestion that the thought of Terry is a recurring event in his life. It should bear in mind that this letter is addressed to Terry 8 or 9 years after their separation.

Bequi analysis she assumes that the letter from Candy to Terry is written at the same time as the correspondence of Albert and Candy. Bequi Candy and Albert would be in the romance, but in fact it is interesting to contrast the Candy Terry letter with the letter writing Candy to Albert asked when he came back his memory. Let's look at:

"Left me speechless to see the gift that I found in front of me suddenly thanks, Albert! Who would have guessed that you had bought Cesar and Cleopatra!
Even after having been adopted, continue to visit hidden the Legan stable. I learned later that it had been sold separately, I was desperate. Cesar and Cleopatra were also agreed. I realized that you wanted to much. What a terrible thing it separate!
I will never forget when you told me that you "share everything" while we waited to return you the memory I thought that it would be nice to live so, as brother and sister... and now I am your adopted daughter! Perhaps should actually call you father?
By the way when return you the memory?
Letter from Candy to Albert. Epilogue.

Even putting the Charter of Candy to Terry at this point is not a good record for Albert because he is alluding to Terry.
However for misfortune of fans of Albert, I must say that this letter she writes to Terry had to have been after the last meeting between Albert and Candy in Lakewood and of course the last letter she writes to Albert as to retrieve his journal before writing this last letter. Ultimately bequi chronology is incorrect.

Then we have the following snippet:
"Now Uncle William casually mentions me your theme. It pains me that at first seemed that I avoided in an unnatural way tell about yourself and hide magazines. It is a consolation that now behaves in a natural way."

Here we are talking about relationship Albert and well-defined Candy, he is Uncle William, is Albert-san and in addition yet they continue to be and they have a strong and close relationship and not as bequi stated in his blog that to this date these two characters would be living a "secret romance."

"Is a good thing that Mr. Albert did not have the desire to become an actor. A great Poker face. It would be your biggest rival."
Perhaps some people do not understand when she speaks of 'poker face'. Good as this has to do with people that they can very well save appearances and remain neutral or apparently not influencing a situation which compete them. Albert knew very well to keep its secrets after having recovered memory and why Candy makes this claim.

About letters sent by Terry to Candy, she tells us a very compromising phrase:

"I still appreciate them, but, I still do not dare to read them again."

In the first instance he is saying from the beginning that she feels an affection for the cards, but you cannot read them. She doesn't dare. At the Royal Academy of the Spanish language the dare is defined as risk or entrusted to someone or something. If she does not read the letters it is a feeling of fear before the reading of the same and why she does not dare to do so. It is telling us that reading can destabilize emotionally and therefore prefer not to read. There are still feelings towards Terry so powerful that they can crumble your own determination.

" "Is the love of Susana that it supported the return of Terrious".-I had read this article." It is a very premeditated by Misuki part phrase to open the history through ignorance of Candy and Terry's an event capital in their lives as it was his reunion at Rockstown.
Candy does not know that Terry saw it there because being in a regrettable mental and physical state he thought that she was a hallucination of yours. He felt ashamed to see how the woman he loved both watched him crying and suffering. We also know that the impact of seeing Candy in deep agony (still believing it to be a hallucination) saw it become a drunk he did react and felt shocked and sickened of their cowardice. The presence of Candy, Terry underwent a resurrection.
The road to perdition was choosing for himself not gave him chance to hope and the may meeting with her in the future. If he wanted to be worthy of Candy their behavior had to change it back to Broadway was imminent. I had to comply with its duty to take care of Susana Candy would be happy to comply with her.
Also must be in mind that this time at Rockstown corresponds to the transformation of Terry from teenager to adult. It is significant that this transformation occurs in this involuntary encounter with Candy. The loss of Candy and his bitterness over this loss become a real actor.

Turn Candy, it was ignorant that Terry had seen her there. The recovery of Terry was not due to Susanna as she believes and affirms to have read in newspapers or magazines, Terry recovery is not to have seen candy distraught before their State of neglect. Fate brought together them this time to give Terry the opportunity to redeem himself and be worthy of Candy if one day their paths crossed again.

It was always Candy that helped Terry and not as Candy believes Susanna. But for date Candy is ignorant of all this and thinks that the recovery of Terry has been caused by support from Susanna and consequently Candy can believe that Terry should already be in love with her.

This information tell us that there is a misunderstanding. Anything Candy does not know is there, there is something that Terry does not know. There is a hidden truth that the two unknown. It is interesting to the extent that the door to a new history between two of them is opening because there is something not resolved yet in its history.

While Candy is responsible for close history with Albert through the epilogue, the story of Candy and Terry becomes even more confusing. There is information that they ignore. They are unaware of other details of great importance such as e.g. letters of Candy disappear as she mentions in his letter to Terry "most of my letters seem to not have got." Candy do not blame Susanna but she knows that this woman has stolen your letters saying it in your hindsight of separation with Terry. Terry, however, ignores this information regarding the behavior of Susanna.
Clarifies readers and reaffirms that Susanna stole the cards and this is very serious, because the theft of letters is a crime. It is as if Nagita was giving details of the plot continued after her death. The role of Susana is not properly an innocent victim or a self-sacrificing heroine as Misuki makes us intimations of a woman who moves between the nobility, handling and selfishness; at least with this type of information that is represented in this novel is given to understand these characteristics of his personality.

"Don't forget that it has a devout in the countryside of the United States of America fan." A comment for himself which means clearly remember that I exist and I am here, I still think of you. I am a devoted fan. Devout? The devout word refers to the veneration and love of religious.

On the other hand, Terry decides to stay with Susana only by a sense of responsibility before the tragic accident and especially because Candy would not have permitted that you things were different. It was not a decision he took only. This decision was taken by the two thoroughly but being unaware perhaps of the emotional damage that would result in their lives.

It is important to understand the Terry decision with respect to Susana indeed Candy clarifies in its retrospection of their separation in New York. (see Vol. II pp. 234-237)

"Terry and I, however, do not we could forget Susanna. "I realized instantly that we might not be able to get us well together and happy, while Susana would be left aside."

It is not that Terry is hesitant to her feelings for Candy, he already had told Susanna before the accident "since saw it the boat I knew wanted it and whatever happens will never change". Misuki was anticipating events. Terry received many years later by Candy message was the reiteration of this same sentence giving impression that the history of Candy was pondered from the beginning, he would love her forever.

Terry loves candy, indeed Susana confirmed in the letter that sent subsequently to Candy when she says:

"However I knew that his soul was running behind you, but I, I grip his words."Vol. II, pp. 278-280.

Since Plato the soul was considered the most important dimension of the human being. The most impressive view in my opinion, with regard to the soul of man, is that the Dutch philosopher Spinoza, who considered the soul divine attribute meditates. Most interacts with the body and the soul is the joy of the soul that gives the body of freedom and therefore the sadness of the soul restricts the freedom of the body.
Undoubtedly Candy will never forget that Susana phrase "his soul ran after you" saying that the essence of his being, that which joins Terry with the divine was leaving after candy. Now also it transmits to us the future of Terry with Susana, he never love it because his heart belongs to another person.
Again to return to the same property of Terry in relation to Candy: he's never going to stop loving it.
This same aspect to reintroduce it in the letter that Terry writes to Candy "nothing has changed with me" a few years later. The soul of Terry that ran after candy stayed with her all those years of separation. Therefore the own Candy tells us in his letter "maybe the heat from your chest remained in my"

The type of love for Candy Terry was expressed in every way most vehement is a love of body and soul. It is not difficult to think that on his return to Broadway you decide to do things so Candy does not feel disappointed. To have to live with the cross of duty involving be with Susana, however it is possible that Terry will experience a transformation becoming a grumpy and sullen man.
It is also likely that head of Misuki vision of Susana is has twisted, is the woman who steals Candy letters, forcing Terry to be with her based on emotional blackmail and probably turns into a selfish and manipulative woman. It is the impression that she leaves us when Candy tells us that Susana expelled it kicks of the hotel in Chicago and later tells of the disappearance of letters sent from Chicago to Terry. Susanna does not seem to feel any remorse when Terry dragged by the pain becomes an alcoholic.

The history between them opens it again with these statements. We are saying or suggesting that the love of Susanna is not as clean and honest as it seems. Susana declares Candy "I knew that his soul was running after you." More far than that can not be in recognition of the Terry love for Candy and the phrase in addition to represent that love also indicates the extreme selfishness of Susanna that despite being aware of this prefers to ignore it and force Terry to stay at his side for many years.

The story is called Candy Candy but during all those years that Terry is not named, it is living its own history. The worst separation actually not suffers at all Candy, since she has her friends and is surrounded by people who love her and comforts her. No, the worst of this separation will suffer it only Terry, no one with whom to talk because of his own character.
Candy in all this story Terry live dose of anguish experienced by equally with Susana and Candy section most likely. However, it must deliver on its promise. But that is another story that is part of the spaces empty Misuki novel.

There is another very important aspect that the Duke of Grandchester has left side regarding the decision which takes care for Terry to Susanna and that has to do with the vision that is his father's. The presence of Richard Grantchester is very important in the history of Terry because this is constantly finding fault with his father the way he has been behaving with her mother and the responsibility that he had living with her and her son despite his social status of noble. In the anime the importance of R. Grandchester loses much in the history of Terry, but in the manga he is very strong. Terry says that he doesn't want to love as her father loves, leaving people abandoned to their fate regardless of the damage that does. A question of honour is for Terry to stay above all. Thus, the responsibility in the life of Terry is a fundamental issue. It is a great paradox because Terry is us portrayed as a frivolous and selfish young man accustomed to luxuries, but is actually a noble character. And again Misuki with that game: most importantly for Terry is the honor and nobility and happens to be the son of an English nobleman.
According to the Royal Academy of the Spanish language:
Noble: Preclaro, illustrious, generous.
Honor: Moral quality that leads to the own duties in respect of others and of oneself.

When he is confronted with a Susanna having his career cut short due to his sacrifice, Terry has no other choice, because the own young has shown that she is going to take the decision to commit suicide without Terry, so Terry is forced to stay with her over his own happiness.
Neither Candy nor Terry will forgive the death of Susanna although the two are little aware of the selfishness of the girl as though you were sacrificed by Terry, she can afford to see Terry finish as an actor and taken to the limit of his pain becoming alcoholic having lost to Candy.

In fact Misuki paves the way for blame Candy for separation with Terry with several elements of the novel. On the one hand the letter from Annie where accused him Candy their abrupt separation with Terry and locuazmente tells her that she is not at all in agreement pp. 230-233: letter from Annie to Candy. Then see Terry at Rockstown completely defeated and destroyed and not be really aware that it was due to the presence of it that Terry was able to stand as Eleonor Baker says it is then. Finally, the invitation to the work of Hamlet by Eleonora which is obviously an invitation to meet with Terry and Candy refuses because she is still in love with him.

Seems too planned Misuki head from the beginning the end of the story (although she does not perceive it at first) because when Terry takes to Susana after she tries to commit suicide on the roof of the hospital he says in to the anime "do my arms weigh like lead... someday I librare this?" says in the sleeve "not feel over my arms... is what can not escape me more?" It gives the impression that Susana's death was planned from the beginning of the story also or at least had the intention of development of this possibility in the future. The only way to get rid of the weight of Susanna is his death for this reason these phrases of Terry.

"Without saying anything, Terry rose Susanna that fell to the ground crying." At that time Terry expression was full of anguish-. I could simply not endure to see him and got the head." Vol II. Pp. 234-237.

In the absence of information about the feelings of Terry after returning from Rockstown to Broadway Misuki you must enter a solution. Misuki had to play again with the works of Shakespeare to give us information about Terry. He was not only tell us about the conversion of Terry as a consecrated star of the drama, but also provide us with information about your own experience of life during his years away from Candy. None of the Misuki elections in this story are made randomly. Everything is indeed premeditated from the beginning.
Among all the Repertoire of Shakespeare Misuki should pick a sufficiently complex character to symbolize the multitude of feelings that would represent the life Terry during his separation with Candy. The choice of Kyoko was "HAMLET." She hasn't chosen "Hamlet" by pure chance, absolutely, both the choice of Hamlet to represent the interior of Terry as the choice of "Romeo and Juliet" at the time that separated Candy and Terry was strategically designed for her.

Hamlet was perhaps the most beloved piece of William Shakespeare and has a very interesting aspect as innovatively the soliloquy is developed to give depth to the character. Hamlet is the center of the play, and Hamlet is Terry.
Hamlet speaks for itself and is torn between doubt, anger, feels betrayed, you want to go crazy and pretends to be a madman for convenience.

When Candy writes letter to Terry that does not send to him, she says:

"The same"Hamlet"is what everyone imagines"

People believed that Terry was the footballer Hamlet (of the well which acted) is because in fact Terry transmuted his desperation to this character. Hamlet is the personification in the Shakespearean tragedy of despair, pain, indecision, deception and hatred of the world. All these are feelings of Terry are being exposed by the theatre and its interpretation as Hamlet. Why Hamlet is the top of the work of Terry since his return from Rockstown after most likely work for a long period in small roles to claim as an actor.

"Terry" is "Hamlet." This character is the tragedy of revenge, but is also in doubt. Indecision is constant during the entire work. Revenge and doubt are an obsession that eventually cause you to lose the trial. All this complex mystery lead to Hamlet/Terry ponder, think, philosophizing to try to convince himself.
Hamlet/Terry feels betrayed by the world, questions and deceived. It is a character which represents gloom and pain, is other words Terry is a defeated man who masks her pain in Shakespearian characters. Thus, Terry is confused with the same Hamlet since the emotions of this tragic character created by Shakespeare in a way represent the paradoxes of his own existence.
Among all the characters in Shakespeare, Misuki needed to find one that represented the most dramatic and comprehensive way all what is happening in the own soul of Terry and without doubt the perfect character would not be other than Hamlet. A Prince of Denmark locked in gloomy meditation on human existence, haunted by the life and the twists of fate.


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