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The clues about anohito (3rd part)

Anohito in present Candy

In the novel small tracks are given us to know who is anohito, but they are vague traces which can be attributed both to Terry Albert. We try to make a parallel between them two.

The character of anohito.

The competitors to be anohito have the following characteristics:

Terry: in history this character is represented as a person, cheerful, jealous, impulsive, possessive, arrogant, noble, generous, devoted, passionate, lonely, melancholy, Joker, elegant, depressive, hard, rogue, undecided, violent. They separated it from his mother and had to be forcibly separated from Candy

Albert: in history this character is represented by a person, cheerful, friendly, cordial, generous, independent, comprehensive, adventurous, unstable, lonely, kindly, mysterious, selfish, reckless. He is not afraid to separations, comes and goes willingly.

Here are few excerpts that speak of anohito:

Recommendation: please review the fragments that I propose them with translations that yourself have circulating on the web and compare if they are correct.

Fragment 1: Candy want to stay with anohito

"Thanks to the uncle Abuelo William, it was possible to get the land of Mr Cartwright. And Pony's home is full of orphans as usual. I'd like to be able to be more helpful to teachers, but at the moment - I do not want to leave it at that, above all, loves me by his side all the time." Vol. I. pp. 230-235, retrospection of Candy

We are here witnessing the personality of Terry why?

Terry has compelling reasons to not want to separate from Candy. They already had a very painful separation for many years. Between 9 or 10 years more or less. Candy also wants to separate says that she doesn't want to leave it. This corresponds very well with the pain of the long separation due to the accident of Susana.
Moreover reveals the possessive nature, (for example remember the jealousy towards Anthony).
This character sent candy a passage of trip to New York because he wants that she stays with him. Terry meanwhile that lover wants to own candy, feelings that Paul showed from the College.

-For his part Albert has not undergone separations with Candy, in fact in one of his letters says literally that among them there are no separations.

"Candy, there are no goodbyes among us." I am sure that someday definitely we will meet again."Vol. II page 95-97.

Albert has not demonstrated in the story fear of separations and when it decides to be without fears or ties, therefore it not could object to the proposal to go to North America to care for the Pony Miss Candy and it is possible to access with pleasure her to go alone assuming it anohito.

What is a rigging fragment?
We see this same passage proposed by Bequi on his blog:

"Suddenly no longer needed so many men business and definitely the travel of"
William Albert have been completed. Perhaps, even having a minor heart attack "thanks to Uncle grandfather William, was possible to obtain the land of Mr Cartwright. And the Pony House is full of orphans, as usual. I'd like to be able to be of more help to the teachers, but at the moment - I do not want to leave him, that above all, I want to on your side all the time "." (B1/pg. 230-235). Cited bequi «untangled anohito» blog

These is one of the worst manipulations of Misuki novel by the analyst. In the original translation Kyoko speaks of a "The", but in the translation of bequi there is no "The". There is no separation between Uncle grandfather William and the final sentence. Such changes in the speech distorts in essence the seriousness of an analysis.

Fragment 2: The library of the residence of Candy

"When I closed the treasure box, took a deep breath to cool my feelings and I went to study in the room of the side." "Along the walls of the study there is a collection of leather-bound books: A complete collection of the works of Shakespeare, English and French literature, medicine books..." Vol. II. p. 197.

No doubt it is the portrait of a couple made up of Candy and Terry.

"Wow, Terry. These shelves are filled with books of plays! And this is the complete set of the works of Shakespeare. "
"Ah, ah..."
Terry stopped and took out a book from the shelf and then returned it.
Eleanor Baker. When the mother of Terry left, she asked him to go to America to study theatre. His mother might have felt that Terry had taken a great interest in the works of theater. Vol. II. Pp. 83-92, summer in Scotland.

"Terry had been absorbed in reading aloud from the works of Shakespeare in Scotland."
Vol II. Pp. 186-188. Retrospect of Candy on Terry and his performance.

Albert: There are no references

Fragment 3: Candy trip as a COP to America

"When I spoke to him of my trip to the USA, at first, he laughed out loud to hear my story. However, his expression suddenly became serious and then hugged me with force. "Luckily, they were safe," he said."Vol II pp. 148-149.

It again refers to the personality of Terry.

Terry is a teaser by nature and will laugh at the antics and adventures of Candy, but is also more formal and cares about what can happen to her. He is not a character who do this type of risky adventures and it can also be said that he is a character somewhat more traditional Albert. Terry is raised as the son of a nobleman.

Albert on the other hand can take it more calmly and not to worry because he is an adventurer, risks and doesn't care, has lived in the jungle, on the street, in the forest with animals so the can very well understand that kind of recklessness of Candy without change. In fact it says travel to London as a COP.

Fragment 3: The jeweller's Candy

"I got designed jewelry box from the rear of the Cabinet. This great jeweler is decorated with inlaid mother of Pearl and jewels of small sizes. "The' told me that this large decorated box is transmitted at home from generation to generation."

"I'm not going with a box of jewels so expensive," I told her.

He insisted with a smile. "Very well, then use it to your liking" told me.

For me it is too splendid therefore only put my most precious objects in it. My memories, pieces of newspapers and magazines, and a lot of letters."Vol II p. 149.

It again seems to refer to Terry.

Terry. A response of this type is typical of the character of Terry who is unconcerned with valuables and there is more chance an old chest belonging to Grandchester House.

Albert nor care about material objects but the value the familiar objects especially positioning himself as William Albert Andley.
The two can be anohito.

Fragment 4: The Slim box and Candy residence

"I went... slowly in front of the console, above which hangs in its frame made by hand, a size 55 x 33 cm oil painting. Someone has placed it in such a way that it is always visible from anywhere. It was he, a few years ago, he found the painting in a flea market in London."

Isn't it a wonderful gift?

It took him only a look to understand immediately that this, among so many old paintings, represented "Pony's home."
It portrays the view that you can enjoy looking down from the Hill of Pony.
A wonderful month of May.

The home of Pony covered by white clovers and the buttercups. The home of Pony surrounded by leafy trees of deep green. Soft and long grass. And then, the colorful flowers of Lupinus and Rudbeckia that surround the House."Vol. I. prologue.

On the current residence of Candy

Anohito gives Candy the Slim box. It is in London, therefore it is possible to live in England, failing somewhere in the United Kingdom. I tend to think that you for both Terry as England would be for Albert.

Terry: it is a theater actor, is English. England is a country famous for its cultural tradition of theatre. Perhaps it is the Slim box during one of his tours. Congratulates Candy why will make a tour in the United Kingdom as Hamlet. Perhaps take residence in Stratford-upon-Avon and part of the prestigious Royal Shakespeare Company. These assumptions hold well.

Albert: it is a major American business man. And what makes it in England? There may be an answer. Sorry fans Terry but you have to be fair I'm not going to behave as does bequi with your blog.
In his defence bequi or raises it but I found this possibility within the correspondence with Candy.
Albert says "Candy, is not that it has not done nothing more than travel worry-free. Even when I was in England he was taking care of the preparations necessary to extend our activities there." Speaks of the time in which Candy is the College student San Pablo.
This means that sAlbert as anohito has alibi for the future. This assumption is held.

Slim painting

Features: it is a panoramic view of the old home of Pony. The painting is made from Pony Hill during the spring season. The question that needs to be done here is this: how Albert and Terry looked first at the home of Pony? Let's examine:

"I don't know why they stopped the car and went up to the Hill. I have the impression that, by height, which corresponded exactly with the image of the "Hill" that had both the greatness.
I went to bed which high was the sky seen from there. I seemed to be absorbed by the light from the sky." Vol II. Pp. 293-304 "Letter of Albert candy"

When the Prince of the Hill is a Candy both in the anime and in the manga, this is not interested in observing the home of Pony. Now fans of Albert can say that this was the Hill when finally he confessed to Candy that it was the Prince of the Hill and it was several times after, so it has more information about the nature of the place. The problem of this interpretation is that it weakens because it does not have the same aesthetic force. You should start from the first time ever, but you can also decide think whatever he wants.

"I want to go to Pony's home where you grew up"... Your words pass through my mind.
Your smile when you said it I also crosses my mind."
"However, I have heard of Ms. Pony and sister Maria that you looked around a large oak which I had climbed, you looked at the Apple tree where had practiced throwing the rope and also Hill Pony.
Trees that you could have touched. "The hill where you stop - become more precious to me." Vol II. Pp. 174-175.

Both in the manga and in the anime Terry visits the home of Pony in winter. In the Final Story novel with this letter they offer us this same image as shown in the passage above.
Terry is very sad and is staring at the home of Pony and the trees that surround the old House, then walk to a hill Pony and currency from there home while goodbye inwardly Candy. He wants to capture this image of the home of Candy as a photograph. It is likely that he has made the parallel between the Hill of Pony and glow of may second Pony of the College Hill St. Paul.

Fans of Albert can say that this visit was therefore in winter Terry does not know the nature of May and Albert can learn much more. Albert has nature but Terry has the panoramic view.
However Terry met the second Pony Hill (false Hill as it was called in the manga) which means that Paul may be associated very well the nature of may at the College Hill with Hill Pony home perfectly.
In fact, Nagita gives us a very interesting track of the Association which can make Terry among nature in London and the nature surrounding the home of Pony.
When Candy speaks about the box of Slim tells us that this box is made from the Hill, is a panoramic view of Pony's home:

"The House Pony surrounded by leafy trees of deep green. Soft and long grass. And then, the colorful flowers of Lupinus and Rudbeckia that surround the House."

If you compare with the daffodils and the Bluebells (Hyacinthoides) and foxglove's school forest San Pablo and second Pony with Lupinus and the rudbeckia Hill that surround the home of Pony you will find that daffodils and the rudbeckia are yellow and bells and the Foxglove and the lupinus is a color between blue and violet. Now talk about a painting of oil size 55 x 33 cm which describes the panoramic view of an old house surrounded by wood of trees very green and yellow flowers and blue or violet.
Terry I hear constant stories of Candy on the Hill of Pony and Pony home, quite possibly I hear stories about the characteristic nature that surrounded that sacred place for Candy and also saw the House on their own, miro trees glowing it said goodbye to Candy from Pony Hill watching home and St. Paul met a nature of very similar colors in the College.
Here are some fragments of the nature of the College San Pablo:
"Bluebells (Hyacinthoides) bloom in profusion in the plume that was deep in the forest." Vol. II. pp. 25-32. May Festival.

"Flowers of foxgloves swung as if they were surprised by the horse that ran through the middle." Vol. II, pp. 25-32. May Festival.

Fragment 4: Daffodils and the River Avon.

"The River Avon flows easily, getting the Sun of the afternoon of early spring. The fresh air from the river soothes my heated emotions that are stirred. A scent of narcissus comes from the courtyard. I smell their sweet aroma deeply in my lungs." Vol. I. pp. 230-235.

"I only I stumbled on you! You will lie everywhere like a stone."
"No stone can enjoy the fragrance of daffodils". Vol. I, pp. 317-319.

The Association of Terry with daffodils is compelling. Daffodils that Candy is breathing in their present represent the link with Terry. Both breathe the daffodils and are linked by flower which is a representation of early spring after a long winter No is only the narcissus as a common memory but also the narcissus as a symbol of light which represents Terry for Candy. (I'll discuss this aspect later).
There is a transition carefully designed by the author between Anthony roses and daffodils of Terry. Let's look at:

Candy says

"A pink flower that Anthony created-
Now I am so far to smell the aroma.
"Anthony died,-that morning, in front of me." Pp. 230-235.

Candy meets Terry on the eve of the new year. The presence of Terry is imposed with the proximity of early spring in the life of Candy. The scene of daffodils at the St. Paul school around March produces the transition of the roses to the daffodils.
Candy can not smell the scent of the sweet Candy but can breathe the soft aroma of daffodils at his home.

"I only I stumbled on you! You will lie everywhere like a stone."
"No stone can enjoy the fragrance of daffodils".

Also, it can be inferred from Misuki allusion to the opportunity afforded the life over death. Being alive Terry he can breathe the daffodils. Candy also breathes daffodils in her garden because she is alive.
On the other hand, we know that the Daffodil is the flower that represents the arrival of spring after a long winter. In England is a flower that represents hope.
The contrast between the raw death of Anthony as a long winter with the early arrival of spring through the daffodils of Terry is well symbolized by the author.
On the symbolism of flowers, white narcissus symbolizes the desire for pure love and yellow narcissus expresses the hope and patience. It is a good flower to anticipate the pure love that arises between Candy and Terry but also patience requiring them to deal with a long clearance.

Albert: there is no link with this character.
Bequi blog she relates to Albert with the Bluebonnet. To my way of seeing this relationship applies for all of the family Andley because the flower is directly related to the Andley Lakewood House, which means that the Bluebonnet represents several characters and not just Albert.
But if it would have to relate to Albert with flowers representing it, it should be with the Magnolia that is the name of the apartment he shared with Candy in Chicago.
On the symbolism of flowers, the Magnolia flower has been associated with beauty and perseverance, as well as the dignity and nobility. It also symbolizes the sweetness and love for nature.

River Avon

Albert: Albert the River Avon is more uncertain. In England, there are the following:
River Avon (Devon) passes by: Bigbury-on-Sea. River Avon (Warwickshire) passes by: Stratford-upon-Avon. River Avon (Hampshire) passes by: Salisbury and Christchurch, River Avon (Bristol) passes by: Bath and Bristol. Bequi blog intends to Bath.

Terry: River Avon (Warwickshire) passing through Stratford upon Avon City headquarters of the Royal Shakespeare Company. Terry is a Shakespearean actor.

Fragment 5: The journal of Candy and the question of anohito.

"When you talked about my trip to the United States.UU, in a first moment, laughed out loud, to hear my story. However, his expression suddenly became serious and embraced me with force. "Fortunately, you were safe," he said." Vol II. Pp. 148-149.

Albert: how to have noticed the Candy trip to America might be in your lifetime with Candy in Magnolia apartment.

Terry: for its part this character not met the history by mouth of Candy. Candy cards are stolen by Susanna's part.
In the letter that Candy writes Terry but does not send us confirms that the unknown this information.

Analyzing the novel

The wedding of Archie and the letter to aunt Elroy

Let's look at the version of bequi
"When Candy wrote his last letter to aunt Elroy (B2/pg.260-263), she is already in love with W.A."After much uncertainty, finally I have the courage to take the pen."because this letter not only speaks of Annie and Archie, and part of what also writes she is you can apply to your relationship with W.A. and so in this way we can better understand your despair." Journal of Bequi Anohito untangled

On these two cards which you can also find translations into English, in my opinion do not reference or linked to Candy in any way a possible romance between her and Albert. Is really ridiculous this hypothesis! In fact in the fragment of bequi what you can see is a transfer of the problems faced by Candy and Terry to develop the character of Albert in the absence of an argumentation or development of the character in the novel.
What anguish to Candy is the separation of two lovers. It is located in the role of Annie and Archie, she knows this pain very well because she lived with Terry forced separation. Candy wants to avoid at all costs that your beloved friend is away from happiness like her for something so trivial as a social class.
She sees hope in the situation of Annie and catapult their energies to help avoid a separation as it does to her friend to run the same fate as her.

If Albert and Candy were in love as this blog suggests the minor problem would be the fact that Candy is an orphan. Albert is the head of the Andley and has always made his will above all. For more committed to him to be with his family if he was in love with Candy not it would under no circumstances a separation. In fact, the most serious problem that has is how to fix the fact that he is his adoptive father taking into account that for 1920 Candy still signing with Andley your letters.
It should be remembered also that is thanks to Albert Archie and Annie manage to engage like is thanks to him that the horse Cesar and Cleopatra returns to be together and they are given candy as birthday present. In a certain sense Albert incarnates a role almost of Cupid with these works of solidarity that comfort the heart of Candy.


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