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Second chronological proposal

Then I present this second proposal of temporality using as starting 1914 date for the separation of Candy and Terry.

March/April Candy arrives at the Leagan House
May. Candy meets Albert and Anthony gives the sweet Candy.
Summer. Candy is taken to Mexico and rescued by George and is adopted by Uncle grandfather William Andley
End of autumn. Anthony's 15 years dies.
Winter. Return to the home of Pony.

In the new year Candy meet in the ship Mauritania Terry way to London
May: festival and first kiss Candy.
Summer in Scotland with Terry and his friends.
Autumn: Eliza trap. Terry has to leave the school to save Candy.
Winter: Candy leaves St. Paul College and part to North America. It tries to catch up with Terry but fails.
Candy part of London to the United States as a COP.
Still winter Candy arrives at the home of Pony and discovers that Terry has been there. Again try to find it but this has already started.

Letter from Candy to the sister Grey p. 179.
Letter to Mr Carson pp. 153-156.
Letter to George p. 165.
Letter to Niven pags.166-168 capital.
Candy begins studying nursing at the school of Mary Jane.
Letter from Candy to Lord Jaskin pp. Pp. 159-163.
Letter from Candy to Sam, Jeff and Susie. Pp. 171-172.
Letter from Candy to Terry pp. 174-175.
Death of Mr MacGregor.
Letter from Archie and Stear pp. 176-178.
Letter from Candy to Terry. Pp. 174-175. He informs you that he is studying to be a nurse.
Letter from Candy to Mary Jane pp. 180-183. It is said that Candy has been moved to the hospital of Chicago.
Letter from Annie to Candy. PAGs.PAG 184. With clipping for about Terry.
Performance by Terry in the play King Lear.
August? Albert's arrival at the Hospital.
Letter from Patty pp. 192-193 this letter would be an ANACHRONISM by Misuki in Italy then there can be no military hospitals or prison for 1914 camps since Italy remains neutral until 1915. Let's look at a part of the snippet:

"I had heard in media English an explosion of train that took place in Italy, but never would have thought that Mr. Albert was aboard this.
I believed it in Africa. It is regrettable that the friendly Mr Albert might have been suspected of being the perpetrator of this attack.
"I have heard it said that the had been dragged from hospitals in war camps of prisoners there." Letter from Patty to Candy, pp. 292-293.

Candy and Terry pass their exams.
Candy letter Dr. Frank Campbell. Pp. 194-195. Candy has already graduated as a nurse and ask advice to treat the loss of memory of Albert.
Candy moved to live with Albert in the apartment Magnolia.
Stear through war and joins the French army.
Separation of Candy and Terry in New York

Letter of Sussana pp. 278-280.
The work of Terry lapses.
Candy is very sad.
As you can see the problem of starting a timeline from 1914 is that necessarily creates a year that will be devoid of significant events. I chose 1915 which is justified as a period of much sadness where time passes between the Stear concern in war and suffering by separation of Terry.
If I had to put the death of Stear in 1915, as suggested in the Japanese blog, it would be impossible to organize further events as for example the letter from Archie to Candy in 1917 (you know because they speak of participation United States in the war which does not occur, but in 1917) because we would be saying that if Stear died in 1915, Archie writes a letter too out of context to operate in a temporality with Stear's death in 1915. (Please read the letter) is normal Archie to write such a letter to Candy 2 years after the death of his brother of this nature?
Candy is fired from the hospital Santa Juana.

Candy works on the merry clinic.
Summer Neil invites to Candy.
Winter Stear dies.
Letter from the superior officer of Alistear candy. Pp. 223-225. On the death of Stair.
Letter from Patty candy pp. 226-228. Impossible in the time since she mentioned the participation of the USA in the great war by his letter should be close to the letter from Archie in 1917. Again another ANACHRONISM.
Fall letter from Annie pp. 230-233 must be placed in a rainy season. The letter from Annie should be after the letter from Patty and the meeting of Candy with them during the summer. Your letter must be written in the autumn.
Retrospection of Candy on the scene of separation with Terry. Pp. 234-237.
Albert leaves the apartment Magnolia. Inconsistency chronological.

February? Meeting with Terry at Rockstown.
Terry recovers and returns to Broadway.
April. Letter from Archie to Candy pp. 220-222 from here he is announcing that it will come to study. Also helps us to find the time. USA participates from this letter in the great war.
Short menu of Archie about the rumor of the compromise between Candy and Neil p. 243.
Spring commitment to Neil.
Candy known the identity of Uncle grandfather William.
Candy returns to the home of Pony. Starting point of the history.

February Albert reveals to Candy that he is the Prince of the Hill. This doesn't happen in the spring.
March letter from Candy pp. 286-287.
Letter from Albert to Candy pp. 288-290.
April letter from Candy to Albert pp. 291-295.
Letter from Albert to Candy pp. 296-304.
Letter from Candy to Albert pag 305 acceptance of invitation to make his birthday in Chicago
Mayo Candy birthday held in Chicago with all your friends and family from the home of Pony.
June letter from Candy thanks to Albert. Gift of Cesar and Cleopatra.
Letter from Albert to Candy. page 310 announces his departure for São Paulo Brazil but should return for the Stear memorial at end of year.
Letter from Albert to Candy pp. 311-315. He tells Candy as a lost memory.
Archie makes graduate at the University of Massachusetts. Already announced since its Charter in 1917.
Letter from Candy to Albert. Note short. P. 316
End of the great war.
Letter from Candy to doctor Martin. Pp. 246-248 proposal to open a clinic happy Pony home
Letter from Candy to doctor Martin pp. 249-250 Candy speaks of acceptance of doctor Martin for April-new Merry clinic. All this takes place at Christmas.
Stear Memorial
Letter to Vincent Brown pp. 251-252

Letter from Candy to her former neighbor of Magnolia in Chicago Madam Gloria apartment pp. 253-254. Refers to the "Chicago Express News" as the medium in which revealed the identity of Albert society of Chicago.
Letter from Candy to the aunt Elroy p. 255
Reforms to the home of Pony
Letter from Candy to Archie pp. 256-259 here announces that the war is over and that Stear memorial has been made.
Planting of the Candy sweet home of Pony.
The opposition for a compromise between Archie and Annie begins to feel.
Fall? Invitation to attend the opening of the Miami of the Leagan family resort hotel
Letter from Candy to George. Pp. 208-214.
Letter from Candy to Sara Leagan. P. 200.
Letter from Candy to Stewart. Pp. 201-202
Letter from Candy to Mary. Pp. 203-204.
Letter from Candy to Mr Whitman pp. 205-207. It must be the last card because it just gets your address thanks to Mary. It must also be close to the visit of Candy to Lakewood.

March letter to aunt Elroy. Intervention in favour of Archie and Annie. pp. 256-259
Early spring. Uncle grandfather William finally convinces Andley family to allow the commitment.
Letter from Candy to Stair pp. 264-267
Spring/may? Engagement of Annie and Archie party
Summer invitation of Eleanor Baker to Candy for Hamlet. P. 270 ticket entry.
Visit with Albert to Lakewood. Return of daily Candy.
Letter from Candy to Eleanor Baker pp. 271-273
Last letter of Candy to Albert after his visit to Lakewood. pp. 317-322
Letter from Candy Anthony pp. 324-328 * These subrrallados events may also occur in 1921. It is reasonable to think that the letter that Candy writes Terry but does not send is the consequence of his last meeting with Albert in Lakewood and that return of the newspaper. So for you contrast I'll incorporate these events in two years. It is important that the reader knows that the last letter of Candy to Albert must necessarily be once occur the remodeling of the home of Pony and creating the new happy clinic since Candy starts his letter saying that he has lying children's home after working in the clinic.
Terry as Hamlet

Spring? Marriage between Annie and Archie
Last letter of Candy to Albert after his visit to Lakewood. pp. 317-322
Letter from Candy Anthony pp. 324-328 * these subrrallados events can also occur in 1921. It is reasonable to think that the letter that Candy writes Terry but does not send is the consequence of his last meeting with Albert in Lakewood and that return of the newspaper. So for you contrast I'll incorporate these events in two years. It is important that the reader knows that the last letter of Candy to Albert must necessarily be once occur the remodeling of the home of Pony and creating the new happy clinic since Candy starts his letter saying that he has lying children's home after working in the clinic.
Terry as Hamlet
Winter? Letter from Candy to Terry that never sends. Pp. 274-277. Terry as Hamlet's "long running" I assume here as two long seasons of 7 months each.
Winter? Terry toured the United Kingdom.
Spring. The end of Terry by the United Kingdom tour?
Death of Susanna. Reading the obituary. PAG. 281
1924? Letter from Terry to Candy page 283
1925? Letter from Terry to Candy p. 283. Candy is 26 years old.

1928?Candy and Terry moved to live in England

1937 final Story begins

As you can see the two chronologies that I present become the same point in 1924 or 1925 as the date of the reunion between Candy and Terry. They are again among 10 years if the Terry letter is sent in 1924 or 11 years if the letter is sent in 1925. That depends specifically on the moment in which Susanna dies.


This comment is just to highlight an aesthetic, narrative and structural aspect of great importance of the CC Final Story. Although the novel is composed of chapters, which has been discussed as blanks in the spoilers have to differentiate themselves with chapters as the chapters have a header with a number Roman more this sign that translates as a chapter. The first volume only coincidentally has two divisions. First chapter to the 228 page that is the end of a letter that Candy writes to Archie and Alistear from the 227 page asking forgiveness for having abandoned Lakewood but telling them that it could not bear to be over there after the death of Anthony. So this page is no no folio blank. She is clear that it is the end of the life of Candy in Lakewood.

Then there is the leaf with the presentation of the second chapter. Roman numeral more Japanese to spend a sign to page 230-235 which is the retrospection of Candy where is mentioned the River Avon and the narcissus featuring Terry for the first time through these symbols.
As the intention to write this work it was the ambiguity of anohito, Misuki avoids directly appoint Terry but decides to evoke it through objects and their preferred form is reminiscence through nature. But it will also through the vision life and death which is set with Anthony along this retrospection and where ends up gaining the weight of life over death with the phrase "while there is life there is hope" (for more information on this aspect see analysis in subtitling the Charter of Candy already exposed Anthony)
It is clear, that the book begins with a first description of anohito through symbols.

But for that they do not doubt about who Misuki, referred from page 236 Candy is speaking to us from the boat. It is new year at that moment and she recalls recent events while he wanders around the deck of the boat through the thick mist and from page 240 presents itself to Terry as a teenager who is heading to London next to Candy. We are talking obviously of the first meeting in Mauritania.

The second volume begins again with the header second chapter bone the continuation of the first volume until page 146 ending coincidentally with a Candy from St. Paul College toward a bright like this explicitly said in the book. Who is the bright way?

Then continues the presentation of the third chapter in Roman numeral more Japanese sign .
But on page 163, there is a break, the pages blank start. That last page is the end of the letter that Candy writes to Lord Jaskin telling their adventures as COP next Cookie at the same time that thanks you for helping it and finally says goodbye to saying that it expected to be able to become a good nurse and is sure that Candy is student at the time. The next page (which would be the 164) is blank and then there is the letter from George on page 165 in which says that Uncle William approves its decision to become a nurse. Then there is again a break in page 172 (next page blank) then the letter to Terry in page 174 begins the new block to the end of the letter to George on page 214. The next page in white and correspondence more retrospection of page 216 onto the page 228 open and close the next block, next page blank. Later another new block opens: page 230 to the 241 and closes with a blank page. Again another block from the page to the 281 243 and another blank page. Immediately displayed the letter from Terry and then another blank page 283.
Here we are with the epilogue /epilogue in English. We are the correspondence of Albert and Candy among the 322 page 286. Again a blank page at the end to move to the letter to Anthony page 324 to the 328 and then you have other sheet blank. Then we return to the present of Candy between the 330 page to the 331 and a new blank to finish with the words of Misuki.

In addition to the initial presentation that links to anohito with Terry (Retrospect of Candy and first encounter on the boat) which are scenes going one after another, there is also the great coincidence that the two unique statements of novel framed by two sheets in white are the letter from TERRY and the return of CANDY with ANOHITO.

Blocks of time just coincidence?

If you have the blanks starting after page 163 to the Anthony letter are 9, then returns to its present with anohito to Candy.
If we have 9 years from 1915 1924 give us.
If we have 12 years since the meeting of Candy and Terry in 1913 (January 1) taking into account that Anthony died in the autumn of 1912 and Misuki lost his father when he was 12 years old. Oh coincidence! We have the same date 1924.
Now, a reminder! How many times did repeat Archie before accept that Albert was the uncle grandfather William? Oh chance again were 9 times. The 9 years that 1915 lead us again to 1924.

If we have blocks that create the blanks in the second volume, we would have 10 blocks. If we have blank sheets from the beginning to the end with the presentation of Misuki would give us 10 blank pages. Now, the correspondence between Albert and Candy includes 10 cards great chance again. If we have those 10 years from 1915 leads to 1925 year which according to estimates made by several analysts to date would be the date of reunion between Terry and Candy if we consider that the letter from Terry should be approximately at the beginning of 1925 and the meeting should take place during the year 1925. Therefore we can deduce that they were 9 years of silence between them and that during the tenth year bone 1925 letter from Terry arrives and the reunion between Candy and Terry takes place.

If we have after 1925 twelve years again leads to 1937 to two years of the second world war. Since 1936 the second world war was imminent as this year begins the Spanish civil war where it came into fighting way of test forces mainly the Soviet Union and nazi Germany.
The best-known bombing during the Spanish civil war was coincidentally occurred in Guernica on April 26, 1937 (is at this time that Candy we are talking in Final Story, spring).
The bombing of Guernica was immortalized by Pablo Picasso that bears the same name, Guernica's masterpiece.

You decide.

Other calculations
Another way that I can think of to build the timeline is on the basis of 12 years. We know that it is a story about life and death and the encounter thanks to life expectancy.
Events fundamentals of the novel for 12 years can be separated since Misuki begins to write about family Andley at that age because of the death of his father. In 1912 by chance Anthony dies in its history.
Yes Terrry separation occurs in 1914. The reunion would be in 1926 and Candy would be speaking to us in the spring of 1938, a year before the second world war begin. The separation of each event would be 12 years.
If the separation with Terry in 1915, then the reunion takes place in 1927 and Candy would be speaking to us in the spring of 1939 and the second world war began in September of that same year.
If the story takes place from 1912 with the death of Anthony, and if you have 12 years from the date, the message of Terry would be in 1924 (Candy go first to Terry on January 1, 1913) and Candy would be speaking to us in the spring of 1936.
In any case that are only guesses that I do since the story was actually a catharsis of the author by the death of his father and that coincidentally the character of Anthony died in 1912 and in the book always us is referring to the opportunity afforded us to find loved ones life.

Candy now

The novel gives the impression that is made with a Candy that has already lived a long marriage (perhaps 10 years) if we think you are talking about the second world war. I don't think having to speak properly in 1939 perhaps may be that Candy is speaking to us in 1936 near the outbreak of the war in Asia and Spanish civil war.
It must be recognized that the global instability of the Candy speaks to us was not only in Europe, in Asia, Manchuria was occupied by Japan from 1931y then this country launches an attack in 1937 to Beijing. In 1939 Japan enters combat with the Soviet Union, and in September 1940 Japan joins Germany and Italy forming the axis forces.
In 1936 Germany and Japan had already signed an Alliance against the Soviet Union Communist expansion and on 17 July of that same year the Spanish civil war breaks out.
Candy cannot say that it is close to the second world war if it had already broken out the Spanish civil war 1936 because this conflict is known by historians as a miniature version of the second world war because all powers will gather in this country that are going to fight in Europe, Africa, Middle East, and the Pacific during the second world war. So we can deduce that Candy talks about possibly between 1935 and 1936.

Other clues about anohito

It is said that in the novels of 1978 which Misuki wrote about Candy, there is a letter from Terry that was framed in a Blue Ribbon. It is part of the epilogue of the third volume of the novel published by Kodansha.
Now the two volumes of Candy Candy end Story have a division of color.
The first volume is pink as the sweet Candy that made Anthony to Candice, the second is a sky blue book that would represent the letter from Terry that is in the epilogue of the novel of 1978 (volume III) framed by a Blue Ribbon.
I don't have the book so I can not confirm that information. However, I have Final Story and I love the pink and blue book smaller than a traditional book L' Esthétique. In the blue volume is already determined that there is talk of another man who is Anthony. Obviously there is a clear intention that the two books have different colors. It's two loves.
Who has the novel of 1978 or any person having Japanese friends that keep this novel, ask it to investigate if there is the famous Blue Ribbon in the letter from Terry.[/ size][/ size]


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